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I know why my grammar is bad

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I know why my grammar is bad.Its the way i i reed my post it sound's reit to me.
I did not now this until someone point it out to me that win I speak I yows the rung word's in the rung palsies
just like i do in my's pebbly the pals I grow up to fick's my grammer I need to fick's the way I tock.


  1. sparkywuff's Avatar
    i can understand what you say because i slow down to read it. but it's getting better :3 keep working at it
  2. LittleFlint's Avatar
    It's a start, but not the whole solution. English is a damn hard language to learn, but you'll get the hang of it eventually. Good luck...
  3. matt1989's Avatar
  4. IncompleteDude's Avatar
    Written English should not be thought of in precisely the same way as spoken English. It's not just the spelling, but the way you express ideas too. In writing, your thoughts should be more clear, organized and precise than in speaking. This is because, and particularly online, you can't express yourself through body language and intonation alongside your words.
  5. Grapes's Avatar
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