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mymullet + blondiiv6 (sorry, kinda long.....)

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Well, as some of you know, mymullet has a girlfriend. That's me. And.... I've done my fair share of snoopin' about here, figuring it out, and someone suggested that mymullet do a re-introductory blog from the last four months. He hasn't had internet for awhile, and I've pretty much always had it, so I'll do it for him. Just to save him the hassle. ;D

It all started in Februrary of 2010. It was a Tuesday. I had just gone through a relatively rough breakup. Or a normal break up, I guess you could say.... It was not fun. Anyway, he comes up to me in the band locker room (it's not what you think! They actually have security cameras in there to prevent theft or catch the thief.) and asks me to Winter Formal (it's a formal dance. I went to it my freshmen year in HS too.). Time seemed to stop. I said yes, and I knew he was shaking worse than normal (he has a protein deficiency that causes shaking). So.... went to formal with him.... and a couple times we danced and I could have sworn that he wanted to kiss me (and I had confirmed it! haha!) but got too nervous. (I wanted him to kiss me SOOO bad lol) He looked pretty darn good. Shaved. Hair brushed and gelled. Wearing a suit that was actually LONG enough for him and it looked really nice on him.

Then we REALLY started talking. Eventually, we got to talking about whether or not we wanted to start dating. And we did. We didn't tell anyone about it for awhile, but a few figured it out on their own.

From there, we've become practically inseparable. We go crazy when one's down and the other has to give the depresser a kick in the booty. (Mostly I do the kicking but I know he loves me for it. He better get used to that...) It's hard not to smile around him. He's got this face he calls his 'rape face' and it's absolutely hilarious. Then his smile... he's got these two buck teeth. (Not actually worth 2 bucks, but you know what I mean.) It's the sweetest yet goofiest smile.

Spring break. I left for NYC, while he stayed home (his older brother went and there wasn't enough money for both of them) and called me every day. Therefore, we both burned thru half of my parents 1400 monthly minutes. It was not good. (I'm still working that debt off... Oh well. It's not too bad.) But, I got TONS of pictures. I think he just about lost his sanity. Or what remained of it anyway.

April and May were dealing with Godspell. We both got parts and solos, and it was so much fun to be with the other cast and crew. Our youth leader whipped us into shape and we pulled it together during tech week and pulled of an amazing show. But tryouts? Rewind! Februrary.... we had to do a singing bit. This girl went before anybody else and we were like HOLY COW! Just intimidated us like no other. Then he went into an anxiety attack. We left, went to a quieter room, shut the door, and I helped him calm down. I just told him to breath deep and to look in my eyes. I got him to calm down and the rest of the tryouts went great. During one of the rehearsals, we had to do a domino type fall, and i slammed both of my knees on the TILE floor. Left huge purple bruises on my knees. Not fun. And he kept saying 'I'm sorry I'm sorry!' I knew it wasn't his fault.

Let's see...... hmmm..... I'll summarize this past Fourth of July. So, my dad went to pick him up from his dad's house. I know the idea of being in the car with my dad for 30 minutes practically scared him to death. But he made it over in one piece. He joined my family and I in a brunch (egg casserole, cinnamon rolls (I MADE THEM! ), and fruit salad. Yummmmmmmmmm.....), and a game of croquet. He got 2nd, behind my dad who was poison. :P Otherwise he was in last the whole game! Haha! Poor Mike! But I came in last because I got out first. Then we went to one of the local lakes to be on a pontoon all evening and to watch what was an AWESOME fireworks show put on by the marina. Everytime we would take the pontoon out, it would start to rain. So we'd go back in, chill and wait, go back out, then come back in again because it would rain again. Eventually, we blew up a one-man raft, and took out the kayak. Then we tied the raft TO the kayak, and took turns pulling eachother in the raft. (My mom took some video of that on my camera.) It was HILARIOUS!!! XD Then we watched the firework show, and really enjoyed that.

The next day, I went over to one of our friend's house, where some of our other friends were. Just a handful of us. We swam, ate, watched people/played video games, ate some more, swam some more, and inbetween times.... got a little face time. LOL :P It was a lot of fun though. I stayed there from like 5 til 11. It was awesome. When I had gotten there, it was pouring down rain. And we were all swimming in pouring rain.

I think I just about bored you all to death.... So.....

TEH END! (<-----that was intentional!)

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  1. mymullet's Avatar
    it was my fault. i was at the back so me doing it right or wrong was what got others or myself hurt.

    and she speaks the truth of her identity.

    hi from your mymullet without a mullet.
  2. blondiiv6's Avatar
    I think this is the wrong post there hon.....
  3. mymullet's Avatar
    no i meant to post here.
  4. blondiiv6's Avatar
    I don't get your post..... it confuses me... :/ sorry...... clarification maybe?
  5. blondiiv6's Avatar
    Oh wait. I got it. It was not your fault! it was one of the first times doing it, so you can't be blamed.

    now its the ID thing.... confused? - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.