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Three and a half week diaper hiatus...

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Well many of you will read this and probably think "Boo Hoo...poor Gus doesn't get to wear diapers for almost a month...." and then say "Give me a friggin break, I don't get to wear diapers ever...or hardly ever!" For those of you in that situation, you will always have my sympathy.

For me however, this almost month long stretch of having friends and family visit ends an almost 3 year uninterupted diaper binge. Ever since my last girlfirend and I broke up back in 07, I've been on a binge cycle that has shown no signs of letting up. Now I only wear 2 times a week at most, but still, I consider the fact that I've had a constant stash available for the better part of 3 years a binge. I think it all started because my last relationship lasted so long that I didn't get a chance to wear for a very long time...and once it was over, all the DL feelings just came rushing back in like a flood (pun intended).

Anyhow, I've removed the stash from the house to the storage facility for the duration of this month's visits. I've even removed the mattress protector from my mattress. Yesterday was the first SIDF that I've missed all year (I was hoping to make every one this year...does it count if I make the last Friday of the month?).

So this will be the longest period of not wearing in 3 years. Will it end my binge? Or, once the visitors are gone will my binge continue with even more longevity?

We shall see.


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