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Starting to get tired of this community

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I am starting to not feel safe here. Too many jerks here who go around calling out BS on posts and there is no proof the person is lying. It makes me not trust them or not even contribute to this place or even recommend this place to other AB/DLs. I am surprised I haven't gotten it yet. Maybe because I don't talk about my diapered life much and when I had, I didn't didn't get the "BS" crap. Is it because I am a VIP or because I have mentioned my disabilities?
Someone did mention in a thread that people should mention their disabilities or mental illnesses in their intro post. I don't feel comfortable going around waving my labels when I go join forums and introduce myself.

Then I see a thread about blog posts being posted as threads. That also made me uncomfortable because about two or three times, I was accused of making blog posts as threads when I tried to start a discussion. Then someone suggested start neg repping them. Great, just makes me not want to post any new threads ever again. I would complain to one of the mods anyway if that happened to me. But if they also agreed the neg rep was fair and also thought my thread was a blog post, makes me not want to post threads again.

I mean seriously, I don't see this as a support community. I mean you come here as a newbie, you get bashed because you have to earn everyone's respect first and if you stick around, people will start being nice to you.
Everyone has my respect but they lose it by their poor behavior and ignorance and stupidity.

Well I may be leaving soon when I get too fed up. I don't post much anyway and I mostly lurk and I hardly read anything here. Anyone that adds me as a friend, I assume I can trust them because I trust they won't be accusing me of lying or else they wouldn't have added me in the first place. There was one user who did add me and he was one of those people who goes around calling out BS on posts but when I saw one of his old posts calling my condition a fake, he lost my respect and I didn't like him anymore. But I never understood why he added me. I took him off my friends list after he was banned.

I think the mods should start making rules about calling out BS on posts. If you find something hard to believe, just ask the user questions hoping there is a logical explanation. Maybe the user failed to provide that little detail. If you think someone contradicted themselves, why not ask them about it, like on another forum someone said she isn't in special ed but in another post she made, she said she has a special ed teacher. So why not ask her how can she have a special ed teacher if she isn't in special ed? Wouldn't she be in special ed if she had a special ed teacher? She could have just have an aid instead and she never goes to the special ed room so maybe that's what she meant.
Actually Moo did make a post in racer's thread and he mentioned about enforcing that rule. He also told about what to do if you think someone is lying.
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  1. Tripped's Avatar
    Glad I'm not the only one that noticed a lot of what you pointed out. I'm sure I read somewhere that there was some way of finding out if something was truth or a lie because the story changes every time. Think neg-repping should be last resort after pointing out problem, then post report, then mod alert.

    I hope you stay, but if you don't, I understand why.
  2. matt1989's Avatar
    same her.Win i first sorted out all I got was people who denote like me because of my bad spelling and grammar.
    thy did not try to git to know me be for calling me one point it got me up site I'm cam her to meet now people who are like me
    not to beguiled a lire Ir a bed speller
  3. EvaIlyxtra's Avatar
    I have been here two years on this site and I have seen a lot. I know respected members here that have been banned due to crazy things, and I know you were here when the rep war happened last year. I know that there have been a lot of calling posts BS lately, but if you have any experience on IRC, or have noticed who has been posting the past few months, it does get strenuous sometimes. I never call stuff BS but I can agree with it, but would only do nicely. I agree with the setup of the rule, but sometimes you have to think in your head: is this shit for real? I know that many newbies have been discouraged to post, and a lot of VIPs are thinking twice about their statuses on this site and just sitting back. I don't even post a lot myself and I used to average 400 a month. Calico, if you want me to go into detail with this, feel free to PM me, cause I can only say so much.
  4. sparkywuff's Avatar
    i never post. people are assholes and i fucknig hate it. when i used to make threads about what i wanted to talk about i would have snarky mako troll all over me because he didn't agree with my views [URL=""]see my reincarnation thread.[/URL]

    to be honest i never really want to post again because of mako's close mindedness. he thinks because he is an atheist that it gives him high ground over all the theists.

    basically mako and a hella lot of people on IRC make me not want to post because they hate what i have to say and makes sure i know it... fucking assholes >.> - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.