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this blog is for those how credenzas my spelling and grammar

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OK look my spelling is bed my grammar needs a loot a LOOT OF Work I do git that ok.!.!.! I now a loot of you can't reed my spelling and for that I'm sorry.I am trying to git help for it I'm downloading tools to help but my PC is not up to date so not everything is not going to work for it OK.I do speak English that is my native tuning and it hurts win people taels me otherwise.[cry] I go On this site to remind my self that I'm not the only one in this fucking world how likes diapers not to be reminded that I'm stooped because I can't spell .[cry] [cry] [cry]
so if you can't give me a bark than I well not get on this site again [cry] you will not half to her forum me again if that's Wat all of you want :frown:


  1. LittleFlint's Avatar
    Just so you know, not a lot of people read the blogs so not every knows that you have been trying. It is incredibly hard to read still, but since your first blog post it has been getting better. Maybe you could get one of those Speech to Text programs like 'Dragon Naturally Speaking' (I believe that's what it's called) to help you. It might be a lot easier than typing everything out on your own...
  2. matt1989's Avatar
    thank you for you help and this 'Dragon Naturally Speaking' wear can i biy it
  3. LittleFlint's Avatar
    Buying that program specifically is rather pricey, about $100 USD. You could do some more research into programs like it or you could get a torrent for it. Unless you really want to spend a hundred bucks on it.

    Nuance - Dragon NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognition Software Here's their website.
  4. matt1989's Avatar
    no I don't haf that kind of munny
  5. foxkits's Avatar
    A lot of persons love to push there grammar and spelling. they are in school or been to college . Not all of us have been . I reverse letters takes me a very long time to post some thing . Do not let it get you down you will get there . I think your ok . Fox
  6. h3g3l's Avatar
    Sorry if my guess that English was not your native tongue hurt. I saw the writing, saw your location, and took a shot. : /

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