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First of all My life has not been fun. Being put in to diapers did not help and being molested as a kid turned me off to most things.The best thing that I do not hate . I see in a lot of cases that there is judgment . Of how you are send a nice massage to some one and No pm. Ok then just will post then I hate how others look down on you thinking they know what is best . No i do not write well had to drop out or kill my self from the hate I got from the other kids. beat up every day You all know a kid in school that every one picked on every time they could well i was the one! Its ok to be you but some do not know how bad it can be . My mission is to help others kind of bring them up you can be more then you think.I have felt the pain been there. Some times it,s so hard to be hated I do not know why I still try others can be so mean ! that is why I ,m a fur I can not be me . Maby If i,m some one other then me I will be liked.Fox
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  1. Grutzvalt's Avatar
    From what I gather, your life sucks, your school life sucks, and you don't want to be yourself because you think we won't like you. Not quite understanding your mission statement, though. You're saying you've made it your mission to help other abused teens? Well, welcome to the forums! A few of the people here have had your experience with school and a few with the same childhood things as you. It seems like you're also saying that you have some exclusive knowledge of how cruel people are. This may not be your intention, but that's how its coming off as. You said "being put in diapers," and I'd like some clarity on this. Did your parents just throw a pack at you and tell you to put 'em on, or what?

  2. foxkits's Avatar
    No Being not full term I was due in may but came out in march . So had a lot of pants wetting . In school I had a change of clothing if I were to wet . Well one day my mom had it with me and my wetting . So I was to wait there and she left . It was around first grade at the time . When she came back she call me into her room on the bed was a cloth diaper and baby pants. I was to take off my pants I said no but was asked to get on the bed. So I pulled of my pants and got up on the bed laying down on the diaper. At the time babies used cloth diapers. She pulled the diaper up and pinned it on one side At that point it felt so good never felt any thing like it . Then she pinned the other side tight I was in bliss I had to put my legs into the baby pants then she pulled them up wile i was laying down . It felt good then I was told to go and play i was ashamed and hid . I do not recall how many days i was made to wear diapers . It hooked me there is shame at wearing diapers . After that time I wanted to be a baby and would play baby.At times I had to wear baby pants to school for field trips.So as I got older the hate in school started So I would wear diapers at nite to feel better no one did know about it . All i had in school was my diaper wearing and books . School was hell . I have lived with this for43 years. been there. Look at my post I do try to help others see that they are ok and not worthless . like some feel they are. Fox - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.