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Funny how we are the same and then we are not . Some are into dresses some are into plushs . I feel when we were little life was a happy time for us mostly that is . To be taken care of most of all love a happy time that is . At what time or age did you lose that feeling mine was in 5th grade. Fox


  1. Zephy's Avatar
    You'll get a lot more responses if you post this as a thread.

    I stopped feeling like that... probably around grade 4 when I realized my brother was NOT cool, he was a bully and a dick.
  2. EvaIlyxtra's Avatar
    Why are you awake at 230 Zephiel? It is definitely past your bedtime! (I am known from the forementioned hypocrisy of me writing this at 353 EDT even though I did get home at 300 EDT today.

    Now to answer the question: probably around 3rd grade when I began getting teased for being gay (how ironic) and how that would last for the next 5 years in school.
  3. kite's Avatar
    The time I noticed was after I moved out to California. I went from naive kid to hating the world from that point on. I almost recaptured it when I started to make computer music, but I lost it a few years later when I was told to come back to school and 'real life'.
  4. acorn's Avatar
    [FONT=&quot]At five years of age, complements of a Penguin in a Roman Catholic School. She enjoyed the power trip achieved by unmercifully beating a vulnerable child. Had no reason whatsoever let alone a good one. My crime, wrong place at wrong time.
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