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It's getting better all the time

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Yes I did just reference a Beatles Song, Anyway as usual I have no idea where to start.

My skin has been getting better but I got told I need to go into Hospital for 10 days at the minimum but may take longer. Said they would phone me when a bed is ready which they said could anything from 2 weeks to 8. I'm kinda nervous because if you know me. I wet the bed and not sure how to deal with it.

Also managed to get my CV written [well typed] done so I'll be able to start looking for part time jobs soon

As for college, I have 2 weeks left. But tomorrow I have a meeting tomorrow for a meeting
about going to college next year

Kinda short as always but well, Catch you on the flip side.

Oh and I had this laptop for college but it's going back so you won't see me on IRC much. I mean I have a pc downstairs but meh. Add me on msn if you want to talk to me.
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  1. Garthcub's Avatar
    dun worry the skin prob once they find out whats up it will be fine im sure ^_^
    hope u get a job soon more money is always good ^_^
    and college hope it goes well lil pup
  2. Loopygone's Avatar
    Sounds like its getting better for you DJHuskey, shame about the hospital through. What I suggest you do is talk to the matron (oooo errr)/head nurse of the ward you'll be on and just mention that you sometimes have problems keeping dry at night. They'll probably just stick a pad on the bed, but at least they'll know. They won't embarress you, its probably an every day thing in a hospital :).
  3. foxkits's Avatar
    Hope you are better. Fox - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.