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Awkward dreams of the Summer

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Last night I had a dream. Usually, I have pretty straight forward dreams. This time, I was down on a beach with a bunch of friends, were were throwing rocks into the ocean when all of a sudden the Vice Principle decided to scream at us that we were all suspended. He then proceeded to ask if we wanted to be suspended and we all agreed, but the part I found was weird was there was a girl next to me. I don't remember her name at all anymore, I do remember adding her number in my phone in the dream though. Anyway, I liked her, she followed us around, we ended up in this abandoned house trying to figure out where my friend lost his phone. She was quiet and would always laugh randomly, I remember waking up and tears came to my eyes. I couldn't remember her, but I wanted her to be here with me so much. I am not into girls. That was the weird part to me. It was like she was a long lost friend who had just disappeared once again. It has been bothering me all day and I felt the need to vent in a blog post.

Thank you.
Tags: cry., girl, long, sad, weird

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