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My Diaper Story- A Really True Story

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Well here is most of my story I cut some content that wasn't really relevant to a lot of the main story. So here we go I hope you guys enjoy and learn something from my past experiances as a TB.... Bye bye TB hello ABness

My ABDL Story

Ever since I can remember I’ve liked diapers. I was 3 years old playing games in diapers… that I stole from my little sister. She was pretty much a newborn…. Anyways I would steal diapers and wear them and Hide it… I didn’t want the attention, I wanted the diaper. So I wasn’t really acting out or missing my mom for attention or something. So I go around and start doing semi babyish stuff… I can remember getting caught trying to poop… in a carseat by my mom. Anyways I wasn’t afraid of my mom… she sort of let me… she knew I stole them and wore them but never really prevented it. She was like eh…. He’s not hurting anyone and it doesn’t bother me. So She’s “let me” didn’t bother preventing me. My dad was the one that didn’t like it, he would go off to work and I’d know he’d be gone for a long time (worked in a way that it was really late and long and my mom had to take care of us on weekends) So yeah I wore them but if my father caught me… BIG TROUBLE! He would take them away and just start being yelly. I don’t remember a lot of stuff from that just that my dad didn’t like me wearing diapers.
As for infantile things I remember being the baby for my older cousin, and enjoying it loving it and acting like a baby when we where playing around and stuff. I enjoyed it so I know that I was in some way always an Infantilist. So when I grow up a bit and run out of my sisters diaper supply (stupid potty training) I go around and start stuffing clothes in my undies to make it feel like a diaper and what not. I don’t even know why I did this… Keep in mind I never wet the bed and “had” to wear diapers since I was potty trained. So after this I stopped doing this stuff…

I rediscovered my love for diapers in 8th grade then my grandmother had to stay in my house for 6 months. I noticed she had diapers and I remembered how comfy they where… so I stole a few (pullup kind) and this was the age (13) where I was into porn and what not… I was trying to find my kink… so that’s how my sexual stuff started with diapers… oddly enough I didn’t know it was a real thing (community wise) I just looked for pics of adult women in diapers to use for special needs ending with a orgasm! XD

So I have a steady supply of diapers from my grandmother…and internet porn… everything is good, My mom ends up looking up in my history and sees the pics… thinking I’m sick and stuff she just says I don’t want you seeing that shit… “babies” humping eachother and shit” So she put a child block and stuff on the PC and no more porn for me…. For a couple days XD I’m good with PC’s so I removed the crap out of it! So I’m doing my own thing enjoying diapers and not realizing that… This was a fetish with people out there just like me! It didn’t occur to me! I was so stupid! But I didn’t learn that until a year later.
Anyway my grandmother goes away back to her house and I steal an entire pack of diapers and some of an opened pack. I realize this isn’t normal and toss the huge unopened pack and keep the last pack… I wanted to quit and this was my chance. I go and use them sparingly and then I go around looking for my SNES Power adapter and I had a diaper in my closet… I wanted my parents to help me look for it… they look right in the place where I had the diaper! My dad found it…. He was like WTF? What are you doing? Why are you doing it again? Etc etc… I just pretended to play dumb and died of embarrassment and I didn’t really talk…. I just said… “I was experimenting” It ended and they tossed the one diaper…

I ran out of diapers and just forgot all about it… until 10th grade in the summer before it I got really into and websites and stuff (got my own PC) and found out that they where people (my age) that liked diapers! I was like AWESOME! And then got into diaper and infantilism related stuff hardcore. Then I joined a special guild/forum on gaia for it with a separated account…. Then I said nope this isn’t for me and proceeded to just purge again. I was about 14 to 15 when this was going on. So I go back and learn about this again and I finally accepted it. I wanted diapers I wanted it all. I’m officially a TB!

So I go several months without diapers just making some makeshift ones with kotex pads sewned into undies and stuff like that, it was ok and it worked I put the kotex pads all over the underwear and it felt close to a diaper but It wasn’t the same so I decided to tell my mom so that I can get diapers, she and I had a great relationship, so I talked to her all the time about stuff and I felt that telling here was best because I could buy them hide them and not worry about her finding them and thinking WTF?! So I’m working up the courage for months to tell her and I do it at Christmas brake of my 10th grade year…. I tell my mom about it by bringing up older experiences… and I tell her that I wanted to do it again… and I shut up and didn’t speak again…. I couldn’t speak to her about it so I wrote her a note with all the info needed including links to that understanding infantilism website. This made it easier on me and even tough It was awkward she said go for it. I told her my plan for getting diapers (independent of her since she can’t drive) So I walk all the way to my nearest wallgreens and buy the diapers and bring them back. She promised she wouldn’t tell my dad but if he finds out I’m on my own. That was about 5 years ago and he hasn’t really found it (there was one close call tough I’ll talk about that later). Ok so I got my diapers right?

I came up with a system that worked for me and all that stuff disposing diapers and hiding them my mom saw them in my closet and didn’t bat an eye we don’t’ really talk about it, that much. My mom didn’t mind it so much and what not, so I go online and I’m all Pro ABDL! Telling a lot of people what I am for example new people I met online all over the place and certain friends from school. It was awesome actually people where like “eh that’s cool I guess” So yeah the best person I told was a girl on gaia and she absolutely adored it and thought it was cute and she was all maternal and we started getting to know one another and eventually she and I tough if she was my mommy it would be a good idea. I had another mommy before her but it was a bit weird and difficult this one was a bit more willing. She and I developed a close relationship and fell in love…. Online and on MSN and over the phone. She supported me and I loved it. She loved it… Infantilism actually got me my only GF ever and my current fiancée! I turned her on into infantilism and she just takes care of me and babies me whenever I need it and offers to baby me and I do the same to her… we currently live near one another and are incredibly happy! So yeah me and her have the standard mommy and baby fair and we are just incredibly happy with one another. Infantilism is a big part of our relationship among many other things.

So yeah life is going well I had an online GF, diapers,mommy,and plans to see her soon. I had it all and I had very few close calls for example one Christmas morning in 06, I decided to sleep in a diaper that night…. I was wearing green tena slips and nothing over them…. My sister and dad saw this! I was half asleep and they where wondering what it was and laughing I heard “was that a diaper?” and stuff and I just covered up and slept some more. They never really bothered asking what it was again… but I fucking freaked out! I called my mommy/GF and asked her to comfort me… things worked out it was never spoken of again. But my mom has been the one to allow all of this to happened. Sometimes my diapers would fall out of the closet while I was putting clothes away and she would give me the heads up to put it back quickly. This happened to me… like a week ago while I had friends over (they where in another room) my mom was like “hey… put it back away”. So yeah my mom helps a lot for this and telling her was necessary! But over all I’ve had a good diaper/tb tale. I hope this serve well for many of you TB’s and if you have any questions about my experiences I can help you out or any questions, I”ll try my best to help I really want my fellow infantilist to be as happy as I am right now.


  1. Snaps's Avatar
    Wow!, thanks for telling us your story

    you really have one amazing mother! im sure many members are envious of your situation

    im glad to see that you accepted your ABDL-ness, if only i was so lucky :P.

  2. dragsnick's Avatar
    haha yeah my mom is awesome like that!
  3. AgentRoswald's Avatar
    That's awesome, man!
  4. dragsnick's Avatar
    Thanks. ^^
  5. boch121's Avatar
    Great story! Impressive putting that into 8 paragraphs, makes me wonder if i could tell my mom.
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