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found the girl of my dreams!

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So i think i have found the girl of my dreams! she is amazing! i dont even know how to describe it! im so in love with her, she has accpetted me for being DL. not only that she likes to tell me how she would change me if she were with me, cuz her mom doesnt like the fact that were togeather (us bothing being girls) so i only get about an hour a week to spend with her, its in my car. that will end when the school year ends along with her computer being given back to the school so i have to go 2 months with out talking or seeing the girl of my dreams! anyways back to telling you all about her shes an amazing violinest, skier, hockey player, mountine bike, long distense rider, bilingual, and she writes amazingly! i can talk to her about anything i feel like theres no one else in the world when im with her and no one can hurt me when she holds me. its just an increadble feeling to be wtih her! anyways i found the girl of my dreams even though her mom wants to have me arrest for being with her and shes 15 and im 18 and just graduated highschool oh well shes worth all that i would do anything to be with her, to be breath the same air as her is to be in a nother world she is my escape from the hecktic world of school and a rep hockey team.. she lets me get away from what frusterats me and allowes me to relax in anyway i need to! she can read me like a book and can see right through my little lies. she makes the best cookies in the world im gunna gain about a 100lbs cuz of them.. anyways theres lots more i could say about her shes amazing but im sure you all dont wanna read about the girl of my dreams! (sorry for the spelling and bad grammer im horrable at english and my comp wont let me download the spell thing sorry)

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