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Kinky Kapers of Kaworu!

My initial AA experience.

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So, I went to two different AA meetings the last couple of days.

I have to say, they were not at all what I was expecting them to be like.

I walked into my first meeting expecting to see a group of lost souls barely holding on to sanity, with nothing but tales of woe to fill up the meeting with. That misconception is probably what has kept me from going to those meetings to begin with, even though I know my problem was only getting worse as time passed on.

Most of the people there seemed to be genuinely happy with life, despite all that they have went through. They were all very friendly, very open...... It was not the sad self-loathing gloom-and-doom that I have heard many people describe these meetings as being. It was anything but that.

Maybe I just got lucky and found two of the better meetings. Whatever. I think I'll be going back to both of them. If these people who had hit rock-bottom can turn themselves into the likes of what they are today, that's enough of a motivation for me to jump on this bandwagon before I hit rock bottom myself.

Hopefully, this means the days of my drunken self-loathing blog postings will be officially over. Feel free to smack me over the head if I relapse.


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