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That worthless ingrate!

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Yeah, I am talking about my ex-roommate, now that I know the full extent of his ingratefulness.

I took him into my apartment when he had no other place to go, and let him stay here until the mailman reported him to my landlord.

Now, I find out he is talking bad about me when I am not around. Telling my friends that I am a parasite of the system because I live off SSDI and because I admit I have mental health problems (which he does not consider to be real problems at all, he thinks they are choices that I make as an excuse to get SSDI).

Even worse, he has been openly disrespecting a good friend of mine to her face, even though she has been driving him around town whenever he needed to get to a job site. He has been openly mocking both her and I for living off disability over our mental health issues.

He continues to mock us both, even though he is living in a tent city in Seattle currently. Instead of taking care of himself, he relies on others to take care of him, and still he has the nerve to mock us because we accept government assistance. Instead of trying to get a real job, he spends all of his time studying obscure languages and memorizing ancient poetry with grandiose delusions that will get him somewhere in life, despite the fact that every year he keeps on getting rejected from the same grad schools he keeps applying at. Perhaps his own complete disconnection from reality has something to do with how he is living now. He keeps telling me that I need to take more personal responsibility in my life, yet at the same time he lived in my apartment, ate all my food at times, demanded I lived by his rules (even though he was paying none of the bills while living here)....... And he turns around and badmouths me even though I bent over backwards to accommodate him.

He just sent proof of his current residency to my landlord, which will prove to her that he is no longer living here, but now, even after all he has done, he is trying to negotiate ways to keep his boxes of books in my apartment, even though they have completely filled up my walk-in closet and half of my bedroom, and I really want them the fuck out of here for more than just that reason. He is blaming me for him getting evicted here. The day we got the notice that essentially kicked him out, maintenance was in my bedroom because mold was covering very large portions of the wall. If he had it his way, the mold would have just kept growing. And it was not maintenance that reported him - it was the mailman, because he was talking to the mailman and he openly and explicitely told the mailman he was living in this apartment with me even though he was not on the lease. And he has the nerve to turn around and blame me because I wanted maintenance to get the mold out of the sheetrock in my bedroom walls - in the room that I was sleeping in. He is unwilling to recognize that he often does very unreasonable things - he always blames others for his own actions. According to him, he always acts rationally, even though he shows signs of being severely bipolar. Hell, he admits he is bipolar, and he is openly proud of the fact that he is not taking medication and not seeing any doctors about it, and he thinks that people who do see doctors over things like that are weak and irresponsible.

So, no more negotiating with him. He said he found a place where he can store his things. I am not going to let him back out of that. And the visits to access his stuff in my apartment will come to an end as a result of that.

I do not see how somebody can live through life the way he has been living it. His ego is truly massive. He is living in a tent city, essentially homeless, spends all of his time studying things that will continue to get him nowhere in life, claims that his issues are far more important than the issues of just about everybody else and demands that everybody listen to him vent about his stories of how crappy his life is (while denying the fact that he has been making the lives of everybody around him a living hell)......

He claims I am irresponsible and a lesser person, after all I have done for him. I suspect he has serious projection issues based on statements he makes like that alone.


  1. KaworuVsDrWily's Avatar
    I just spent the last hour writing him an email.

    I gave him 30 days to get his things out of my apartment. My final act of generosity to him - a gift of time to prepare.

    Tomorrow, I am changing the locks on my apartment door. He gave me back his key, but I don't trust him any longer. Better to be safe on this one.

    I basically told him visiting hours in my apartment are over, he has thirty days to get his things out, none of this is negotiable, and that the conversation ends there.

    He seriously believes that once he proves that he is living elsewhere to my landlord, that he can negotiate with them - even though they made it clear that they do not want him on their property, thanks to his outrageous behavior (which I will not get into on this forum). He is seriously delusional about many things. Well, once he gets his things out of my apartment, my ties with him will be completely, 1000% severed. A month from now, he will no longer be my problem.
  2. h3g3l's Avatar
    You have found he is a snake. Snakes do things like eat mice because they are snakes.

    You now are on notice--he is a snake. He will not change. He might say he has changed. But you should still watch him and treat him like a snake if he ever comes to you with this story.

    I know you're ill-equipped to deal with this (see previous blog entries), but really, I do not see this ending well for you while this guy is around--especially if others (mailman, landlord, etc.) are believing him.

    Divest yourself of this guy using whatever means possible, necessary, and effective. Your life will improve dramatically for it.
  3. KaworuVsDrWily's Avatar
    Yeah, and now my mother is telling me that I am wrong for being angry with him.

    She theorizes that I "should focus on the good side of the situation", that I should "just be proud I opened up my apartment to him when he was in need".

    Thinking about that only makes me angrier at him, and she does not seem to understand why that is the case. That is always the case with her - she believes that I never have any right to my own anger under any circumstances, and she sees the fact that I am pissed off at my ex-roommate as a sign that I am wrong, that I am "needlessly focusing on the negative". Fuck, he wasn't her roommate, that's for damn sure. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.