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Haven't been single in over a year and a half...
It's weird, i miss the guy, though he was an asshole and implied he wanted to be single.
Life sucks. Period.
Though friends from work were supportive and got me cheesecake!
Still love him..but i guess i need to move on.
Yay, lucky me.. -.-'


  1. kite's Avatar
    *hugs* I know where you're coming from.
  2. Grutzvalt's Avatar
    I just don't see why people feel the need to even have these romantic involvements unless they want to actually start a family...I can't imagine myself getting married. Good luck in finding the perfect man!
  3. Takashi's Avatar
    Seems like You, Kite and I are all in the same boat but it will get better.
  4. h3g3l's Avatar
    Do not miss assholes.

    Embrace him moving on to harvest a long string of women who will go for him.
  5. rawrsarah's Avatar
    I hope it will get better.
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