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This is a reply to a post but i put it here because it covers a lot more than just the one THREAD here.

wow. i am really suprised to read these replys. Ok so he's an old guy who's an infantilist and a sissy and not good looking to the general public 'eye'. What i see the 'public image' is that we have everywhere is no different. Does this mean the only pics that ppl should see are of the cute boys and girls with great bodies and diapers in some genaric pose like they really don't wear them except in front of a camera?

I am offended by the people who said we are pedos and weird and mentally f**ked up because we even 'like' diapers or something related to infantilism but it makes me wonder how many ppl are true to themself about being *B by saying the same things. More an more I keep seeing posts scatter all around about how we are this or that. Who is to say what? The reason I am *B is very different then someone else and they *B for a whole other reason compare to another. But yet here are so many people judging - by what standard? I am not great looking so does that mean I am not qualified to be a *B? I have to have some 'look' before I can have a pic taken of me to show someone else? How many people on this board are 'perfect'? It is a very deep and personal thing. Something that comes from who we are as individual at the very core. It is so deep that we can not even explain it fully ourselvs. But ppl even here still make fun of others - not just for fun but to hurt. Criticizing people for every little thing. I thought this was a support community where people understand not everyone is the same but we have something in common. But it's no different. Just more of the same 'image' standards like the one set by the people making fun of this guy on that site who don't accept us anyway and never will? They had to reason that it can only be from a 'lost bet' because they can't wrap their small minds around the fact there are ppl out there who are not as vanilla and perfect as they are. These will always be this majority of ppl who will never accept the fact or even try to understand there are *B's, DL's, Furries, babyfurs, Sissys, Cosplay, Doms, subs, slaves, and on and on and on.

Is there suposed to be a poster child for *B's somewhere? Maybe a speaker to talk on all the tv shows for us. Loupy was on tv and did a great job but they still laughed at him. They see us as sick people. So who is going to give us the 'image' we are 'supposed to have'? They have their image and it ain't gunna change. And here even with other people who 'understand' more than those who laugh at us I see the same thing. I been seeing it in a lot of posts.

What I see is here is a baby-sissy-guy that has the nads to show his face in a pic to someone. (It could have been made for someone he liked and wanted to meet and the other person threw it online. I can understand this cuz it's the same reason I'm not allowed to have my pic out to anyone). And I think it's just sad that so many people can't see that. Maybe I miss the whole point of the forum?


  1. Zephy's Avatar
    Maybe the issue is NO *B should be making this public. It is no different than BDSM pics. They should be private. Give them to someone you think will "appreciate" them, but putting them out on the internet where MOST people don't want to see them is just wrong.

    And yes, it DOES give us a bad name if you do it AND you are particularly unattractive.
  2. kite's Avatar
    The problem is is that these stereotype images are drilled into people on extended cable talking head shows. From CSI to Jerry Springer to the ubiquitous heavy set guy sitting naked in a diaper, it all points back to "us" as a group.
    I don't think we'll have any sort of reprieve until some hot model comes out and says "yes, I'm a bed wetter and I don't mind, scratch that, I love being in my diapers!" After that it'll become a trend and everyone will want to get their Victoria Secret 'Daddy's Baby' wear from this new found trend...
    Aside from that, there will be no connection to the fact that any of these close minded people could be close to an infantilist and not know it.
  3. fifigal's Avatar
    I whole-heartedly agree with Zephiel. I don't want any ' Poster Child ' or *B/DL spokesperson ( no matter how physically attractive he or she may be )pushing for public acceptance on my behalf. I choose to keep this as private, and low-key as is possible. This is only my opinion, but I believe that a greater public exposure of *B/DLs will only cause the general public to become more galvanized in their opposition, distrust, and hatred of us. ( Society loves to have new and different groups of people to vilify and persecute.) I am fairly certain that the point of this forum is not to be a public advocate for social change as it relates to *B/DL interests , nor to ficilitate the posting and sharing of photographs of *B/DL individuals.
  4. kitsiulla's Avatar
    Zephiel & fifigal - i do know what your saying and keeping it private i understand prolly more than most ppl because of my situation. A problem tho with privacy is that there is always the chance that a pic given to some person in private just for that person has the chance that they *break up* or something and post it out of spite. There is no way to stop that from happening unles every *B never has a pic taken period. And that just aint gunna happen with all the other sites out there for *B's with galleries. We will always have both good and bad images of ppl out there no matter what anyone does and only the *worst* get shown like that one for ppl to judge us all by. Does it give us a bad name if they are down right fugly? of course. but what i was trying to say *i'm not really good at getting a point across but I'm trying.* was that even if there was some posed pic by a cutie and it was the only one out there then ppl will still hate us for it.

    fifigal - my whole post was about not not having some 'poster child' because no matter who it is they will still make fun of us. and yes pretty much your whole post is what i was saying just made shorter and easier to understand i guess. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.