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When Good Turns Evil.

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Today, I took the SAT. I thought it wasn't that bad, because I have been in an SAT class since November. I wrote an essay on Karmanic Balance, and how making immoral decisions can fuck you up.

After leaving the test center, I felt pretty good. It was a nice day, and I had just finished the SAT!
So I went with some of my close friends... And got high.

A few hours later, we were going too get food. When we passed my house, my dad stopped me, because he was outside walking the dog. He asked me to come inside for a few minutes to tell them what I was up to.(this was at 10:00 PM) I was affraid to show them my eyes for obvious reasons, so I didn't look at them much.

Of course they noticed, and just like that *snaps* they asked me if I had smoked weed. I told them I was oftended, and went back outside, met with my friends, and went for pizza.

My day crashed, Karma got me back, and now my parents will always be suspicous of me...

I came home at 11 and told them how oftended I was, and claimed that I don't/didnt feel good because I took an Aderol XR so I would be able to focus on the SATs, and got my dad to believe it. He is an android and absorbs and believes anything, but my mom only pretended to believe, and just told me she loves me.... Bitch....

I hate life. It could have gone worse, but I'm lucky it didn't.


  1. kite's Avatar
    Was this better or worse then what should/could have happened or was this just passive aggressive parenting at it's finest?
  2. Loopygone's Avatar
    Yea your mom is such a bitch, not believing your lies and telling you she loves you.....
  3. Gingy's Avatar
    I know, right....
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