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The life and mind of Takashi Morinosuka

Waterhead Wrestling Report

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I am starting my own podcast as a side project from LRWS Radio called the Waterhead Wrestling Report. This will be my thoughts on what's happening in wrestling mainly with WWE but I also may do some TNA, ROH and UFC stuff. The show should be on Youtube tomarrow.


  1. Spiderman's Avatar
    As a big professional wrestling fan I wish you the best of luck. However, I am sad to say that wrestling is not as good as it use to be back when it was the Attitude Era with Stone Cold, the Rock, and DX (the real DX HHH, Road Dog, X-Pac, and Bad Ass Billy Gun, not the watered down version we recently have in the PG era). Especially now that the WWE pretty much has a monopoly on wrestling and Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff decided to destroy TNA.

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