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The life and mind of Takashi Morinosuka

Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This?

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  1. jhgjaesfuiawgef's Avatar
    you missed the one where they micro'd and airbag O.o
  2. Takashi's Avatar
    I'm getting to that; that's the first episode in season 5 or 6.
  3. Siddy's Avatar
    Lol ive been watching this all afternoon the airbag one was a beast!!
  4. Toddy's Avatar
    omg these are so funny I was watching nearly all of them yesterday, thanks for introducing these hilarious videos to me Takashi
  5. kite's Avatar
    The masks! They do nothing!
    Thank you for showing me this!
  6. Spiderman's Avatar
    Is it wrong for me to take some sick pleasure in watching the furbies explode in the microwave while chanting die furbies die because I hate them so much. hmmm.............nope probably not.

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