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Tales of a Forgotten God


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I was curious, recently...what does everyone who reads infantilism-related stories -- or, really, just stories in general -- think of something such as this in such a piece?

To me, when done innocently, a touching moment like this between a mother and her baby is one of great intimacy and parental bonding. It's actually quite a rare thing that I would ever see something such as breasts being used for their intended purpose in literary work done by infantilists, let alone in a motherly, passionate there some sort of dislike in the appeal of the scenario? Has the thought never crossed the minds of avid, young writers? there more to it that I'm simply not seeing?

I'll tell you what I'm certainly not seeing: more of what I described, if any to begin with.

Whether you approve or not, an activity like nursing somewhat extends beyond the realm of fantasy, becoming a real thing that I believe readers could picture quite clearly with the utmost of fondness, perhaps even more so than suckling from a bottle. The threshold of this, as well, builds upon the uninspired ideal that infants and toddlers would only drink milk, which is a prominent and almost universally accepted lie that has been ever-present in almost every story I've read in the infantilism/furry genre. What about breast-milk or, to go further, baby formula? Is there some unwritten rule that says only milk is allowed? I should certainly hope not.

To say it in a roundabout way, expect the tangibility of my opinion on this matter to come soon. Despite the quadrupedal nature of what I'm about to attempt, the mother-son bonding effect and the other underlying effects behind it make it all the more real and cherished. Likewise and relating to, there will be a definite variation in the "snack menu" for a certain little foxie...

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