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10 Days in Diapers

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DAY 10

It's my last day diapered 24/7. My parents are comming home aroung 11 tonight. It has been FUN!!! Today, i woke up with a wet diaper again. I just sat aroung all day today with nothing but a shirt and an ATN on today. Lastnight i woke up about every 2 hours or so because of the laxitive. I would wake up and poop in my diaper then go back to sleep. I did that about 4 or 5 times. No diaper rash seems to be comming in, yay!!! I pooped about 6 more times today. It felt great just sitting on the floor and letting it go and just keep playing PS3. I went to bed arond 10 toinght and tapped on a Secure X-Plus because of the night wetting. It was a fun 10 days in diapers!


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