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Poem: Madness in the Mirror

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Kill the thought you wish to fulfill;
fulfill the need you have to kill.
However you do it, it doesn't matter, whatever.
Whatever you do is bad, however,
you seem to have lost an important screw,
a screw needed to mentally control you.
Bare that knife without a care,
care is not something that you should bare.
Tonight will be filled with bloody delight.
Delight from her heart will not be taken tonight.
However it's not the end of forever.
Forever is also not your time limit however,
Do something already, you want to begin anew
A new time limit is something we can do.
Mad is the madhatter that thought you were sad,
sad is the voice inside your head when mad..
Are you blind, and can't see from afar?
Afar is the girl, far from where you are.
Go into her home without letting her know,
know she has no other places to go.
What is wrong with making a little cut?
Cut her to pieces, but with what?
Fool! A knife is my one and only rule.
Rule it well and kill that fool,
Forgive her of her strong will to live,
Live with her and make her forgive.
Scar her with words that are bizarre!
Bizarre cuts always leave a scar!
Throw her body where no one will ever know.
Know that there's no more places to throw!
Sad are your thoughts, but are you really mad?
Mad, I say, not sad.
Night fades to a red light.
Light is what destroyed your night.
Knives have ended many lives,
Lives have used many knives.
Take not the things your mind will make,
and make many things for others to take.

Note: I know this isn't my best, I was trying a style I have never tried before: Mirror Sestet. Creative criticism is welcome. I write these poems from experience and stuff I'm hearing a lot...

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