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Hello ALL!

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I am new to site. AB/DL is a lifestyle preference/activity. I have tried other sites.
On closer investigation, I felt these sites were just pay for phone sex with phoney mommies.
Nothing wrong with phone sex. However, when it is 2-3 bux a minute, I can only assume it is a scam.

Us AB/DLs are ulltra sensitive people. Total betrail. Love is love. Love is hard enough to find these days.
It seems more acceptable. I see far more AB/DL then 20 years ago.
When I was pre-teen, I thought I was the only person in the world that gets sexually exited with the idea of wearing a Diaper for pleasure.

I see more woman are getting into AB/DL.
I am weary, because some of them are fakes..
I hope to be blessed and find a woman that would like to be a "switch" like me.

I love sitting in a disposable with tight rubber pants. I also have been a daddy. I am very good at being the man in charge. I have had many woman that liked being dominated by me.
I was a soft sensual dominant.
The submissive woman loved everyrhing.....except they all said NO to letting me diaper and cuddle them. Yet they wanted hours of spankings and much more punishment sexual forplay.
Diapering can be bondage. They do sell plastic pants that can be locked around the waist.

I will be scarce at times. I fly often. Gee, it would be a practical idea to wear a diaper on those 16 hour flights I take!!!!! We all know aircraft bathrooms are annoying.

Last few relationships I was in were not that great. Mention anything about diapers are great for forplay and safe sex. I would not dare.

My theory why AB/DL is becoming more mainstream is because we live in very scary times!

Well thats my 2 cents!!!!!!!

Well thats my 2 cents love master


  1. smile2010's Avatar
    Hi Master:

    I am new to this site and new to this lifestyle. I would love to chat with you.

    By the way, I agree with the 16 hour flights and there bathrooms. Ugh!!! I use to take 17hr fights and wish I could have worn a diaper.

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