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Kinky Kapers of Kaworu!

Totally. Motherf***in'. Awesome.

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A few days ago was a major milestone for me.

After a year of working out on a daily basis, I did something I thought that I would never be able to do in this lifetime.

I ran six and a half miles, on an incline, in an hour's time.

I know, some of you will read this and not think of that as being all that much of an achievement. But keep in mind, when I first started, I had trouble doing four miles in an hour, much less at an incline. This is improvement for me, and I do appreciate it.

So, there you have it. It may not mean much to anybody else here, but it means a fuck of a lot to me. But then again, isn't the blog here for posts like this, anyway?


  1. Trevor's Avatar
    Makes me tired just thinking about it. Congratulations, though
  2. EvaIlyxtra's Avatar
    Congrats! An athletic achievement is an achievement well done nonetheless!
  3. KaworuVsDrWily's Avatar
    Oh, trust me. I was VERY tired after I pulled that off. I did it again a couple of times since, and it's getting a bit easier. Not much, but a bit.

    Let's just say that right after I did that for the first time, I took a long, hot shower, went home, got padded and brewed myself a teapot full of MarketSpice Orange Cinammon tea, and just chilled out because my legs felt like spaghetti. They were sore the next day, but all in all, I would say the experience was worth it. I'm getting in better shape - when I first started working out, I was at 290 lbs. Now I am at 240, a year after I started this. I still eat too much, and I still drink too much, but the working out has really been a major help to getting me into better shape. :-)
  4. Takashi's Avatar
    Nice job.
  5. Chillhouse's Avatar
    Sweet deal! Good work.
  6. Siege89's Avatar
    Good job!!
  7. Loopygone's Avatar
    Well done :D, I wish I had the energy to even begin working out :S.
  8. kite's Avatar
    Jesus! Makes my legs tremble just thinking about it. Congratulations though! Too bad there aren't Xbox achievements in real life. This would definitely be a 20 to 50 pointer. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.