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Death Note.

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Well, I can now officially consider myself an anime/manga fan, since there's now something that I actually care to follow. XD

During Spring break last week, I introduced myself to Death Note, and since then, I've read up to the fifth book, with up to the ninth waiting for me.

Was there a point in this post? Absolutely not. Just trying to get the hang of this newfangled blogging thing. Sorry for the interruption. n.n;


  1. Pojo's Avatar
    I've seen all the episodes of the anime of it (Japanese subbed)...It's really good
  2. Neonite's Avatar
    I've heard the anime almost tries too hard to make things dramatic. >.>;

    ...Like when Light was figuring out how to write names when there were L's cameras in the room. I always pictured the famous line as a lot calmer than the anime shows. He wasn't so insane at that point, I didn't think.
  3. Pojo's Avatar
    He was pretty calm about it in the anime...He didn't go mad until the end...
  4. Neonite's Avatar
    Eh...Giggling evilly and giving too much emphasis on eating a potato chip to hide his Death Noting is a bit on the crazy side. XD;;
  5. avery's Avatar
    yay for death note! it's by far my favorite manga. i have yet to encounter anything so intelligent or thought-provolking, and on top of it all so totally gripping and unputdownable.

    i originally read it at the recommendation of chilly, back on the old site. i wish she'd come back; i hate it when people leave. :'(
  6. Takashi's Avatar
    I think L from the show is cute.
  7. ShippoFox's Avatar

    Eh...Giggling evilly and giving too much emphasis on eating a potato chip to hide his Death Noting is a bit on the crazy side. XD;;
    That part was great! I cut out the rest of the episode (to save space) and kept that!
  8. Neonite's Avatar
    I'm not saying it wasn't awesome.

    It was entertaining, but not in the logical/kinda philosophical drama way I like to think Death Note is supposed. n.n;
  9. Pojo's Avatar
    I wish I had a Death Note...
  10. Neonite's Avatar
    I don't. I'd prolly go all crazy from the guilt and the power eventually, so even if I got one, I'd prolly burn it.

    That is, after I take a little piece of a page and throw it into the wind, just to see what would happen, with a couple instructions, of course. XD
  11. Pojo's Avatar
    I don't have much of conscious...So I would be fine n__n
  12. Entity's Avatar
    I do agree that Death Note is an awesome show, however, if you got a death note, would it really be worth the price (not being able to go to either heaven or hell for eternity) just to kill someone or a group of people? Now if your a scientoligist or an atheist, there wouldn't be much difficulty in the decision. Bleach is also a very good series. Ive watched all the broadcast shows to date.
  13. ShippoFox's Avatar
    If I had one, then I'd be VERY tempted to use it, but I think my conscience would almost surely win in the end. I doubt I actually would use it.

    If I did though.... then I'd probably do something similar to what Light was trying to do. I'd be using it to try to make the world fit my ideals. But I really think I wouldn't be able to do such a thing. I wouldn't want to be responsible for someone's death.
  14. Pojo's Avatar
    Well I know I wouldn't be like Light, and have everyone have a heartattack...That would be obvious that something is going on - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.