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10 Days in Diapers

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I woek up this morning, noticing that i had wet my diaper during the night, this worried me a little bit, because i don't remember waking up and using it at night, but oh well! I decided to put on an ATN today. I watched t.V. for a while, when suddenly i heard the dor open! I was the scaredest i have ever been! i sprung up and peaked around the corner. I saw that it was my neighbor, Kyra. I was realived, until i remembered that i had only a shirt and a diaper on i grabbed a towel near by and flung it on me. As Kyra shouted my name i approached her and said hi, and that i was sorry i didn't hear her come in because i was in the shower. She told me that my parents called her this morning to check up on me and just use the key under our dorr mat and let her self in. So i told her everything was fine. she looked around my house a bit, for reasons i don't under stand. As she was walking, she asked me what is that crinkeling sound. I stopped walking and said" It must be the dishwasher or something". She belived me untill she noticed that it wasn't on. She just ignored it. then she asked me what was that little bit of white sicking out from under my towel? I didn't respond and i eventuall stook off the towel and showed her my diaper. I told her that "I wasn't feeling well, so i bought some diapers to wear" She said" Thats weird, well...i guess it's your decision and none of my business". She then left and i sat down with relife, hoping she wouldn't tell my parents, but i don't think she will because we are buds and keep eachothers secrets. Other then that the day was pretty uneventful. I went through 2 diapers today. I pooped alot in my ATN then tapped on an Abena.


  1. Pojo's Avatar
    Sounds a little unbelievable...But yeah...
  2. diaperedteenager's Avatar
    no i assure you this was real, it was one of those freak things that will probably never happen again, atleast i hope not! My biggest worry is her telling my parents about this.
  3. baconbit's Avatar
    i have to agree with pojo dose not sound likely. not saying its not pssible just saying it sounds odd.
  4. diaperedteenager's Avatar
    i can understand your Point of View, i mean these thing rarely happen, but mine did and to tell you all the truth, i didn't belive it in the first place, but you are all entitled to your own opinion.
  5. avery's Avatar
    why would she be so persistent about it? why didn't you just tell her it was none of her business? were you just standing there the whole time with nothing on but a teeshirt and a towel wrapped around you? why on earth didn't you go put some clothes on?
  6. diaperedteenager's Avatar
    i don't know, fear over came me. i wasn't thinking clearly
  7. Pojo's Avatar
    Wouldn't it be kind of obvious you didn't just get out of the shower if your hair isn't wet...And you have a shirt on...And how short is your shirt to be able to show that much?
  8. diaperedteenager's Avatar
    Ya! redtails has the sense of it.
  9. avery's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by THE RULES View Post
    * Be honest. Liars will be banned!
    if you're going to post stories you made up, post them in the story forum. or at least make it clear that you're taking creative liberties. honesty is important here. if we can't trust the things you post in your blog, how can we trust anything else you say?
  10. Mr Alex's Avatar
    I would really prefer to read true stories, than fake ones in the story section, concerning activities such as these that is.
  11. diaperedteenager's Avatar
    i didn't put the creative liberties part on this, sorry. The part about her seeing my diaper was made up, but she did come oveer to check up on me and i was wearing a diaper, bbut with sweat pants on,
  12. baconbit's Avatar
    Its fine if its false. If it is not being claimed to be true. dude just don't lie like that i should go on the forum and neg rep you for this but i will be nice. Don't lie again man.
  13. diaperedteenager's Avatar
    will do, ty
  14. Notsorandom's Avatar
    Okay...honestly....why is anyone here A: believing this and B: encouraging this stupidity?

    Just a note here. I did my little detective thing, and it seems like diaperedteenager here was banned from a site twice, for making stuff up.

    I'll be keeping my eye on you.
  15. Pojo's Avatar
    Well you're a little late on his week long thing...And just because he made up things before, doesn't mean this is fake...I wouldn't put it past me though
  16. betagame's Avatar
    is this true??? this would make a GREAT story - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.