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Beep, What's that? Not my alarm going off...

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My piece of [insert word of choice here] Alarm clock didn't wake me up so I slept in this morning.

Some women at the bus moaned at me for having my music too loud, told her to shut it. I'm like I sit at the back of the bus for a reason. Move to another seat ffs. I know I shouldn't. But I was not in the mood.

Missed the bus I needed to get to where I was going so I decided to walk. Only took me about an hour. But It started to rain FML.

Then my asthma starting to kick in and I had trouble breathing but it got back to normal eventually. Did not have my inhaler with me.

Also got a surprise when I checked if my money was in and it was. So I topped up my phone. Bought some lunch and bought this technology: Istation Clock Dock With Remote: White (2008)

I love it . I don't think there's anything else to say. I'm going to meet up with a friend tomorrow and hang out. Haven't seen her in ages.

It's a Friday night. I'm tired and I have to be early tomorrow. Just gonna slip on a Drynite and hit the hay. Also get to try out my new alarm clock.
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  1. Spiderman's Avatar
    Well I can definately say we all have those moments where the alarm clock just doesn't want to work. For example, when my alarm clock didn't get me up for work in time I looked at it and swore at it like it would make a difference.

    However, it seems that you started off with a bad situation with your alarm clock not going off, the person on the bus, and the ashema by turning into a positive one by using your money to get a new even better clock and being thrilled at seeing your new friend.
  2. BabbyBruce's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Spiderman
    being thrilled at seeing your new friend.
    New? I've known her for about 2 years now.
  3. Spiderman's Avatar
    Sorry that was a typo. I meant to say you will be seeing an old friend.

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