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WWE v. TNA 3/8/10 rateings

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WWE: 3.4
TNA: 0.98

TNA will never be compition the second Monday Night Wars was over before it even started.


  1. Slang's Avatar
    Both shows failed last night. Raw was the same boring things it's been for weeks, giving us the same, formulaic crap with about twenty minutes of actual wrestling that wasn't great anyways.

    TNA lacks direction and pretty much any clarity that it's consumed it's own ridiculousness and is unable to make it's massive amount of talent matter very much. Plus RVD's debut was a joke.

    ROH was on last night too and put on something worth watching.
  2. Icey's Avatar
    I have a feeling TNA will not be around much longer & Vince will soon buy them out like he did with WCW & ECW!! The WWE is just too strong & has more marketable talent, bigger names & can create better story lines!!
  3. Slang's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Icey
    I have a feeling TNA will not be around much longer & Vince will soon buy them out like he did with WCW & ECW!! The WWE is just too strong & has more marketable talent, bigger names & can create better story lines!!
    TNA has plenty of potential. They just continually prevent themselves from any real expansion. They're never going to gain a real audience by doing all of their tv tapings in Florida for the same 1000 people, even with random house shows here and there. They want to spread out, but having ppvs across thee country for crowds that have never seen the product live isn't the way to do that. They need to do tour the south, build themselves something of an old-school-esque territory and go from there.

    That's one of the first things they need to do is start spreading and becoming a large-scale promotion if they ever want to even show up on WWE's radar. They're never going to match the WWE, at least notwithin the next 10 years if ever. WWE is too big, with it's different forms of media and promotion going every. Movies, toys, channels, tv appearances, international exposure - they can't be touched by TNA. What TNA can do is potentially do is offer a better product. Unfortunately there is so much chaos with who is in charge and where they want to go and what is the best way to get there. TNA is just a confused company, and really, right now it's a big-budget indy promotion with tv time and WWE doesn't need to worry about that. NXT pulls the same ratings as TNA. SD doubles it with a Friday night slot and Raw blows it away. American WWE ratings have slipped over the past few years, but it still dominates TNA who have been making little to no progress since they started (barring the few week spike caused by Hogan's appearance, which hasn't lasted even with last night's show).

    So yeah, TNA has a long way to go. They can't compete with the WWE as a company because it's too big. TNA is fueled by Panda energy or whatever, so I don't think they're too worried about ever going out of business and I'd be surprised if Vince was even interested in buying. But WWE doesn't even have to worry right now. TNA needs to expand and they need to focus on marketing what they have: fresh matches with phenomenal talent. Both companies have so much and offer so little. WWE, being virtually unchallenged presently, can do whatever it wants - they put out crap and what the fans have to watch. Ratings have gone down because it's just not that good anymore. People have walked away. Tey may not match the popularity of the Attitude era, but TNA can offer a product people care about. Thye have the talent, all they need is someone level headed calling the shots. Who is in charge now anyways? Dixie, Hogan, Bischoof, Jarrett, Russo or any of the big name wrestlers who have a lot of pull? Unlike many, I think having some of those legends are is great if they're used correctly, but Hulk Hogan should be booking any show and Dixie doesn't get the business at all. So yeah...

    TNA needs to expand, get some actual direction, some more tv time for it's HUGE roster (can't get 50 to matter with two hours a week, especially when a solid chunk of that is Hogan and Bischoff backstage).

    Over the past while, TNA has fixed many of the problems that have made it awful in the past. But they have a long way to go and last night's show simply highlighed a bunch of their flaws.

    WWE doesn't need to buy TNA because they pose no real threat as it, even with some of the best young guys and some old dudes with big names. The same million people watching on Spike every week doesn't seem to be expanding at all, and they need to focus what it's going to take for them to grow. As some dude at his computer, I can write all I want but I don't really get the business. But I would say that TNA needs to step back, take a look at everything they're doing and say "hey, this is what's preventing us from becoming what we want to be". Travel more. Leave the brainwashed impact zone smarks behind for a while. Let the talent speak for itself. Use the legends in rolls that matter and don't overkill it. Take the creative stuff in a clear direction and most importantly make sure that there is someone level-headed and not ego-driven at the helm of it all.

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