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Suits in the attic!

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I've been given this booklet on the basics of using Matlab, a mathematical programming language. It's usefull for running mathematical/computer models of systems. But I and many others found the above amusing and i still don't know what's up with "another gentle stroke of the TAB key"

Aside from that Two real things of any importance:
First one being I've got a Job interview; Managed to finally reach a milestone with my FPGA.

Yep, I got an email and several others have too, that we have got an interview for a summer placement. This isn't the job I was aiming for when I applying, however no reason why not to try my best. But tomorrow, I will be hunting to fetch and dust off my suit. It seems I didn't take it with me when I moved, however have a room still full of my stuff at my parents house. I'm sure I left it there, otherwise Its something hard to lose!
But I really do need a new pair of black shoes that fit me and aren't worn out.

And my FPGA is alive! I got it to download my code *by mistake* I still don't know what fixed it. Maybe the power cycle, but I powered up the machine hit compile, then download, flicked the switch and walla! It's running my own code! not a pre-supplied binary. I'm on a winner 'ere lads!

This is a test program already loaded on it, but this will show you what it looks like all lit up like a Christmas tree!



  1. Tygon's Avatar
    Ah, Matlab. I've used it for basic physics modeling.

    And... lol, whoever wrote that was having a bit of fun. I have a couple comp sci friends who would do the same (the hilarity of these things is directly proportional to the amount of caffeine-fueled, sleep-deprived hours one spends in front of a computer screen, or so I understand).
  2. h3g3l's Avatar
    I'm not sure what's so funny about cumulative products, sums, etc.

    With respect to the FPGA, you guys have it easy these days. I suspect that's even USB-based!

    I used Matlab to do some image processing work. 'Tis great, but I know my loops were inefficient, because I wrote them as loops as opposed to matrices. *shrug* Oh well.
  3. recovery's Avatar
    I still find it odd how matlab operates on trying to keep to it's "everything is a matrix" business. But I don't think matlab was meant to be too efficient. Although it does keep suggesting I stop my habit of extending a matrix, but assign all the space before hand.
    Yes, it has a wonderful USB-Blaster! I am aware how it used to be "in the days". I am surprised how well it works. One knack is I should be able to click "play" on my computer after it's complete, than having to flick a switch back and forth between run and programming mode. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.