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Kinky Kapers of Kaworu!

From bad to much worse

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Well, when I went to my apartment yesterday to see how progress on the mold was doing, I discovered a note stuck on my door. Apparently, despite all of my best efforts, the landlords have discovered that a roommate has been living with me - a roommate who was never on the lease.

The reason why he was never on the lease? Because his financial situation is so bad that they would not accept him, despite the fact that I have been faithfully paying the rent ever since I got there (they don't care about details like that - they just want to filter out people they don't like).

So, now my roommate is trying to decide whether to fill out an application to be added to my lease (which will only be rejected and will only be a complete and utter waste of time), or to just find someplace else to stay. Yeah, I liked having him as a roommate, but because of having him as a roommate, there is a chance that even I will be evicted. Sure, some people have told me that they won't do that, but the people who actually have the power to do that have not told me. I violated their lease agreement (to help a friend in need, but still, I did bring this upon myself), so legally, they can kick me out at any time if they so well please.

I have to keep telling myself - there are few places to go from here that don't involve going upwards.


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