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Tales of a Forgotten God

It has been far too long, hasn't it?

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My, my, how time has certainly passed since I've been here. I knew that the effects of [i]World of Warcraft[/i] would undoubtedly include zombie-like worship and lack of sleep, but I never imagined my sense of time would become so frayed and distorted after installing it. It's as if I don't remember what era I'm much has happened since I've been gone, I've lost track of the occurrences. I should cherish the moments I have; they might be gone before I know it.

It [i]has[/i] been far too long since I've indulged fully into both my furry side and my writer side. The click of each key on my laptop's keyboard as I strum away at a writing endeavor is now foreign to me. Creativity is something I still maintain, but I found it...slipping...while I was hypnotized by the alluring sensations that my games brought me. I'm now attempting to recover some of the lost skill I once possessed; much of it remains, and the rest is merely deteriorating, only requiring time for restoration and rejuvenation. I hope that Spring Break -- which is this week, for me; I'm not sure when it was for everyone else -- will give me time to recover from the month-long stupor that had plagued me.

I must confess, however...that playing [i]WoW[/i] has actually inspired a few very creative scenes for my story, mainly in the context of scenery and not actual actions or events. On my trusted mount of revived, skeletal remains, I journeyed far and long, observing the mystical landscapes to be found all across both virtual contents of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms; the Outland, I'm afraid, still has far too high of a level range that I have yet to meet. Much before that, of course, I still saw things that were too beautiful to comprehend. I consider myself a very unique player -- I'm far more interested in the starry, nighttime sky above the forest of Silverpine than getting the best equipment and killing the strongest monsters. Truly, the programmers at Blizzard had created such scenes to be enjoyed, and it concerns me when those playing their game, that which they worked so hard on and toiled so long for to make every detail as robust and vivid as possible, can't stop to enjoy such serene beauty and the mysteries that it envelopes.

So, I suppose I'll get right back to working on Chapter 3. I have various plans for it, and I only hope my mind will cooperate in actually finishing the chapter while keeping it relatively interesting. I'm unfortunately stuck in a mellow banter of talking between two characters, which comes before fighting and explosions (I'm looking forward to writing that part, at least). Wish me luck in maneuvering myself out of this metaphorical doldrum.

- Aeonis-lesain

(I have...a confession to make: the main reason I wrote this blog was to inspect if my writing skills were still up to par -- a self-test, basically -- and not to inform you all of what was happening with me; it just happened to accomplish a coincidence...I swear I didn't plan it out. >.> (Well...maybe a little.) And I'd say that, yes, I'm confident I can do this, now. n.n)


  1. Dash's Avatar
    I barely see/hear much of anybody these days because of that bloody game...

    and until now, I have never met someone who's managed to draw their self away from it after any more than a day of playing it - so congratulations, you're a first


    ps - your writing skillz = 5t1ll l33t - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.