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Nerdiest WeekEnd of the Year So Far

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This weekend must be one of the nerdiest I've had in awhile. But It started on Friday, a friend was trying to convince me to play Dungeons and Dragons for weeks. Eventually I gave in, and played a game. Can't easily avoid it if he's your house mate and hosts it at our place!

I enjoyed it more than I expected, and I started to get a hang of the rules. I've never liked RPGs because of their repetitiveness, but given a master and user generated content, hopefully won't be too much of that in future. But 4 hours we were playing for and only got through 3 different encounters. But I look towards the next game, thinking of getting my own dice set!

On that same Friday I got mail, yes my FPGA came. I spent hours trying to use a Windows in a VM with usb support for the Usb-Blaster programmer/debugger/communicator. But instead, couldn't get it to work, and in frustration did some chores and cleaned the bathroom.

on sunday, I data some suffeling of my files, as on my Laptop as I planned to re-install linux and set it up as the the only OS, and use some encryption. At first, the inital boot was slow and I didn't anticipate it to be that slow. However after some fiddling and tweaking, it seemed to be unnoticeable. But it's much smoother than the half falling apart gnome setup like before :P.

Then I setup a webserver and did the various tweaks to get it live on the internet. And now I have Never used dot tk domains for, so lets see how this pilot goes.

and here is my grand old desktop background with my new setup:

Got back and installed the software for my FPGA, Quatrus is familiar to me, but I've never used it to download to a real FPGA, however, it seems i'm having trouble setting up. I've got some sample code to run on my dev board. All is well, except I can't do my own. It's all compiled, just need to download it to the board that's the problem. Oh well, I had some minor success today. But not got to the bottom of it.
Reading all sorts of documents, And it's not 100% straight forward.


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    You are such a geek it hurts me a little bit to read this....

    But I luvya anyway - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.