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Grand Theft Auto Film

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A few months ago I posted a thread about making GTA IV into a movie. I went through the missions and came up with a list of what needs to be in the movie; surprisingly half of the game doesn't need to be in the movie, atleast from my point of view.

-The Cousins Bellic
-Three's a Crowd
-First Date
-Jamaican Heat
-Uncle Vlad
-Crime and Punishment
-The Master and the Molotov
-Russian Revolution
-Roman's Sorrow
-Weekend at Florian's
-I'll Take Her
-Diamons are a Girl's Best Friend
-That Special Someone
-One Last thing
-A Dish Served Cold
-Mr. & Mrs. Bellic
-Out of Commission

There are bits and pieces from other missions that should be put in but the mission they belong to don't need to be in the film.

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