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Not So Amazing After All

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So apparently the "Amazing adventures of amazingness" were not so amazing after all... My friends father told her to call us and tell us to wash of extremely well. The reason being, he had two fishermen in his office last year that, from wading into the lake, were having their skin eaten by bacteria. One man had to have his...gonads removed and the other barely escaped with his leg.

So after a freak out, i washed off and at school the next day i asked my friend about it. What i misunderstood was that it was not flesh-eating-bacteria (necrotizing fasciitis) but rather, bacteria that had been turned super acidic due to the extremely high pH of the lake, and burned its way through the skin.

So, still a bit unnerved, i've vowed to never again touch that water.


  1. Grutzvalt's Avatar
    This sounds like a bad environmental issue...
  2. Hex's Avatar
    All's well that ends well, at least. You haven't had your skin burned off. That's good. :P
  3. Kyler's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Grizzy
    This sounds like a bad environmental issue...
    Rated 4th most degraded lake in florida...
  4. kite's Avatar
    geez, remind me never to go swimming in florida. i don't want to have to go *checking... "1... 2.....umm... 3! ok, they're all there" everytime i go into the water...
  5. Jewbacca's Avatar
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