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Amazing Adventrues of Amazingness

Rate this Entry maybe not that amazing, but still

So today i met 4 of my friends out at a lake/woods. We were there to scope out a site for our Group 4 project ( a huge, long project that requires 10 hours of work for each, overall, 70 hours of work will be going into this project.) While we were scoping, we wandered off and got, while not completely lost, very lost. We spent the next 45 minutes skipping (okay maybe that was only Adam and I (yes there are two adams in this group ^^) around the forest trying to find the "exit"

At one point, we hit a patch of woods that looked exactly like a scene out of SleepyHollow (with johnny depp). The path twisted and the trees were growing in the same exact manner.

After finding our way out, we continued on to have yet another shapie fight... ^^ so all-in-all "a lot" of work was accomplished.


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