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Movies in 2010

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Just a list of movies that I'm looking forward to seeing this year.

Alice in Wonderland

Shrek: The Final Chapter

The A-Team

Toy Story 3

The Last Airbender

Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows


  1. KandiKit's Avatar
    I can't wait for all of those movies as well ^_^
  2. Hex's Avatar
    I'll probably watch at least some of them when they come out on DVD.

    Except for Toy Story 3. My friends and I are going into the cinema to watch that one

    It kind of sucks that they couldn't call it Avatar: The Last Airbender. I watched the cartoon a few times, and when I first heard everyone talking about the Avatar film, I thought they'd made one for it already.
  3. Zephy's Avatar
    I'm excited that Shrek is on it's Final Chapter too. Talk about beating a dead horse...

    I'm also excited for Alice in Wonderland, just because of Johnny Depp.

    As for the others, I'm not all too keen on seeing them. I still haven't finished The Half-Blood Prince. I keep falling asleep >_>
  4. Slang's Avatar
    Trailer for the Clash of the Titans remake shows promise. Could be gnarly. Also, Robin Hood with Russel Crowe, same director as Gladiator too.
  5. Pojo's Avatar
    The A-Team looks like shit.

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