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My Diaper Run

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I went out to buy Depends "Maximum" Protection today. I prepared myself with changing my clothes so that no one would recognize me, put two cloth bags with an unused acne medication bottle a can of cat food, and two GameInformer magazines. The reason I did this is so that if anyone I knew saw me, I would have an excuse with two other items and two magazines. I then loaded three CDs worth of music onto my secondary mp3 player, waited for my sister to go back into her room for fifteen minutes.
Left the house, was very cautious at who was driving on the street and who was walking. Went on the route that was the safest to walk on. I was listening to my mp3 player with some cheap earbuds while walking. I was also trying to be relaxed and think with my eyes. I was almost to the store.
Walked into Walgreens and walked slower while in the store. I walked the route where there was an absence of people. Went to the incontinence isle and looked for the briefs and found them. decided if I should get size small/medium or large, I thought the advice on this forum which if you were in between of the two sizes, pick the larger one. I then picked the larger size and went straight to the counter. I then got checked out, asked for no bag and paid $17.99 plus $1.66 sales tax (for the price this is almost to Abena Supers). after I checked out, I put my change and receipt away. Walked out of the store and found a lone shopping cart. I took the depends, fitted them into the larger cloth bag with the two gaming magazines covering up the bottom. I then put the two things I brought from home into the cloth bag. I then put the other cloth bag into my pocket and walked away, making sure I wasn't leaving anything behind.
By this time it was already dark. I wanted to walk home as fast as possible. I saw most of the people that I saw when coming. At this time I was worried that my mom or dad was driving around looking for me. I even ducked down when I thought familiar light were coming. I also had a plan for if dad was home, the advice I thought was if any parents were home, I would go put the diapers in the backyard until it was safe to retrieve them. I got home and my sister was still in her room. She had heard the dog barking and when I walked past her room she opened the door and when I saw that I sped up and slowed down when at my room door.
I went in my room, hot, and sweaty, and put the diapers away in my new hiding place. I took them out of the bag and put them in the drawer. I finished that and put the bed back in the right place. I then tidied up my room to when it was before. Changed into the clothes I had before, rubbed my red face with water, and watched TV until I cooled down. Dad came home, ten minutes later, took a quick shower, and started to type this post. The End

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