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It came, I have a new plushie

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Or Doll, depending how you see it :P

While still cruising ebay for random merchandise, I came across a konata plushie

It wasn't a silly price, nor was it a bargain either. But I thought I'd pay the 10 to get it.

And it indeed came this morning! Along with a camera shoulder bag I bought alongside it (from a different ebay seller).

Other than it being adorable, as you can see below:

It was sceptical of how her hair was constructed, because it you look in the stock photo, you'll notice that it's just a layer of felt at the front to try and mimic the 2D look she has on drawn on paper. And Indeed when it arrived it was unusual.

Well, the template for the back of her head is blue, and on the seems there is thin long strands of hair stuck in the seams, as well as a cape like felt used for the hair on her back, and on the front is the 2D shape of her fringe and top of head. Yeah, Anime hairstyles can be complicated :P.

also, it seems the glue has left sticky gooey stuff on her! Those cheeky Chinese labour workers! What isn't a cheap knock off made in china these days?

I don't know how outfitting the pictures are, so placed them in spoiler tags, I'm running with https and set all images made by members to be links (except avatars).

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  1. kite's Avatar
    Very cute! Sorry to hear about the glue, but at least you have something to snuggle now.
  2. recovery's Avatar
    I have Proton, You'll see in the Gallery, He spends all of his time on my bed.

    Konata however will mostly be on my desk. Something more of an ornament, just decoration of my room. :P
  3. kite's Avatar
    I'm the same way. I have Care Bears though. Don't remember their names, but my backpack is in the closet waiting for the next rave i go to and my green one is adorning the couch, poised to give snuggles.
  4. Talula's Avatar
    SOOOO cute! I'm very jealous! - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.