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bluetooth, yeah?

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Just one of these things that really gets to me is this Bloo-Over bluetooth hacker software.

I help out at a Friday Youth Cafe (SAMYP Youth Cafe) so I'm always up with what's hot and what's not for teenagers - and one of the most recent ones that's so "hot" you'll need an oven glove is Bloo-Over; the mobile phone Bluetooth hacking software.

So this all came about when one of the boys thought it would be a good idea to attempt to steal my personal data from my phone. Thankfully he told me he was doing it through the constant giggling, so I switched my handset off before he could access it.

I wasn't just hacked off (no pun intended) at the fact that he tried to steal my personal data, but more so, there were at least another 3 of them that had the program and had executed it on numerous occasions, and one of whom told me he was selling it at school for 50p.

What these kids don't realise is that they are breaching so many laws it's unreal. My contacts, my messages, my media files - the lot - in their hands. The fact that they can take all this in a matter of minutes... I mean it's fraud. Nothing more than stealing - and it worries me.
Not them though - the word "illegal" for some reason translates to "cool" among this lot.

What worries me even more is that they could potentially steal one's identity, given they access the right phone. Correct me if I'm wrong - people have served up to 10 years for identity theft.

Not that I think a second year high school has the brains or indeed the balls to do such a thing... but I'm pretty damn sure they're not the only ones who have BlooOver or other hacking devices on their phone.

Another program, which I can't remember the name of, had the ability to enter a mobile phone and practically destroy the SIM card's data and permanently disable the handset. This one, I think, was designed for the school bully - they get nothing but a "bit of a laugh" out of it.

Overall - pretty pissed. Technology advances, and so privacy plummets. I know there's nothing that can really be done about such occurrences. People are always gonna use Bluetooth for data transfer... and so many of those users will remain oblivious to the risk they run by using it.


  1. Charlie's Avatar
    Make sure you turn your bluetooth off when you're not using it! My old phone only let you turn the bluetooth on for 60 seconds (unless you connected to someone else), that was a good idea.

    What should scare you is something I saw on The Real Hustle, where they hack into your phone through bluetooth and make you ring a premium phone number that they set up! That'll leave you out of credit!
  2. recovery's Avatar
    I actually went a bought a USB bluetooth dongle that was compatible with some hacking tools I have. I have not got round to using it. But bluetooth is really really weak. I keep mine turned of not so much for security, but more for a better battery life. If I turn all my bells and whistles, I get 2 days of battery life if I'm lucky. But almost a week if I turn it all off.

    There was a radio van that came to our school for a day. Basically was getting kids interested in HAM radio. Anyway, he has a iPaq with software that'll get him into some peeps phones. I don't know whether he was fooling around about "I got something that the owner most likely doesn't want to share". In fact, he was a bit of a prankster. For one demonstration he gave a kid with a hard hat with a wireless camera in it and ask them to walk around the van. The poeple instead could see the live camera images. Anyway, as soon as the victim walked outside, he turned the volume up on the tv. There was a mic he didn't mention in the hat. And have caught several people complaining how retarded he was as they spoke to themselves. Priceless I have to say, They deserve it.

    Anyway, yeah. I hate it when kids don't understand what they are putting themselves into. I'm actually going to test the effectiveness of this APP. Only chav retards are willing to spend 50p over something you can get on the internet for free.

    I Find it funny that my nokia came with Anti-virus software. But I didn't buy into it. I back up all my texts on my computer. All 16 months worth!
  3. Squigma's Avatar
    Ahh, the advantages of not keeping up to date with all this shiny modern technology. I've never used bluetooth and likely never will, so I decided not to bother getting phone that had it. It always seemed like an easy way for someone to crack into your phone. Surely it can't be too hard for the phone companies to make it at least a bit more secure?
  4. Dash's Avatar
    I don't think it's down to the phone companies, but rather whoever designed Bluetooth. I know as much as they are working on Bluetooth v3.0 from the current v2.1... but as it goes with computer technology someone will figure out a way to break that version too.

    I always switch my bluetooth off now, unless I'm in the car (need it for my headset) but then there are people who are, at this very moment, sitting ducks to the hacker. The tension makes me sad. lol

    Charlie F: I've seen that advertised too, looks interesting. But that wouldn't work too well for me being on a contract
  5. BluTack's Avatar
    I always have my bluetooth off. Besides, There is nothing on my phone to steal.
  6. recovery's Avatar
    I got the software. But This is actually limited to do certain things. But it uses the BlueBug exploit. Which is what I got software for, But as far as I know. There isn't restricts on what this exploit can achieve. Looks interesting.

    When I'm older I'll compile my own program for my own use. Be fun to do show off every now and then. As Long as I don't get too cocky.

    Jack, I guess its the pressure of the market. They have to make a new phone everyday of the week. So patching flaws doesn't seem to be a most wanted feature on their new phones.
  7. Dash's Avatar
    "Only chav retards are willing to spend 50p over something you can get on the internet for free"
    ...just to simplify what I meant. hehe

    "If I turn all my bells and whistles, I get 2 days of battery life if I'm lucky. But almost a week if I turn it all off."
    ...I'm lucky if I get 2 days with all the extras switched off, and the phone on silent half the time. And it's only a month old O_0 - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.