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Craig Ferguson rules!

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Who else watches Craig Ferguson and thinks he is the best late night host out of them all?

Here's my take on the whole line up:

Jay Leno - was funny before he took over the Tonight Show in '93. After that, his humour as become tame and his jokes are terrible. Seriously though, look up his appearances on Letterman in the 80's - he was hilarious, quick witted and original. It's a shame he isn't like that now...

Conan O'Brien - Conan in the 90's was gold. I loved his show. The skit where he helps his intern find an apartment, when he tries to sell his car, when he took his desk for a drive... all hilarious. I haven't really watched a lot of him on the Tonight Show, mainly because I'm not watching TV that early, but I heard he has tamed his material as well

Jimmy Fallon - I gave him a chance, we was unfunny and boring and awkward. Maybe he has gotten better, but from what I hear he hasn't :/

David Letterman - Funnier than Leno, but not nearly as funny as he was when he used to follow Carson. Youtube his old stuff, he was hilarious.

Craig Ferguson - may favourite! He whole show is just him making silly (and repeat) jokes, but he has great delivery and the intros with the puppets, music and dancing are epic! I started watching Craig at bedtime when Fallon took over Late Night

Jimmy Kimmel - He's funny. I haven't watched a lot of him, but I love his "This Week in unnecessary Censorshp" compilations.

Also: good movie to watch is "The Late Shift", it's about the whole Leno/Letterman situation when Carson retired

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  1. Tygon's Avatar
    I endorse many of the above statements, especially:
    Craig Ferguson rules!

    Certainly the most irreverent in the late-night host bunch. You're right on his delivery; I get the feeling a lot of his jokes wouldn't be all that funny if someone else was making them.
  2. Hex's Avatar
    The only one of those I've ever heard of is Conan O'Brien - and that's only because he was on Futurama. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.