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Been at least 10 weeks since last made a blog post.

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How do I know what? It's been 10 and a half weeks since I fractured my finger. And it was a nastier than normal one too, according to the doc and the plan taken to fix it.

All I did was crush it between some rather heavy computer equipment and a wall. But with enough force to implant a mould of my finger into the chassis of a sturdy built rackmount server.

It resulted in getting two k-wires in my finger, staying in there for four weeks! Initially, my arm was in a pot to help keep my whole hand still for the first week, and for the remaining 3 weeks I had to wear this split for three weeks.

I was very upset in the first week, so much so that I actually decided to buy myself a new (expensive 450) camera, a Canon 450D. Which is why I don't have a picture of the my pot, it didn't arrive before it came off.

My finger had to be redressed every week, and I hated each moment, as I'll have to come face to face of the horrid state that it's in. In all cases, I felt grim and laid down. I've provided an image link below, Not gory, just most people will find it uncomfortable to look at.

Eventually, when the pins were removed, I had a rather fat sausage like finger. Was promptly handed over to the physio department to give me excersize instructions which I take still, as well as monitor my overall general progress.

This is me trying to make a fist:

(And messing up the white balance settings :P)
That was done on the day the pins came out and 4 days after they were taken out, now I can say the swelling is down and you can see the bump of my bone/finger more clearly. But it's still messed up my tendons so the tip of my finger can only move 10 degrees, that's between 30-40. <-- that was take over a week ago.

Typing with it is annoying, I've mostly gotten over the initially freakyness that everything feels different through that finger now, but that with it's limited bending I still have to move the position of my wrist to actively use it. It should be sitting on the same place with respect to the keyboard! Also pinching things between it and the thumb is also not easy to do. As well as loosing a good amount of grip with my left hand.

Given the weather, the finger is particularly sensitive to the cold, it easily starts aching in he cold before the rest of the hand. It feels as if it's 5C coolder.

Oh well, I can only hope that it will improve slowley but surely over time.


  1. BluTack's Avatar
    One word... Ouch! Always connect to the server safely and properly. Not by ramming your fingers in.
  2. Jaiden's Avatar
    Sounds like the healing is coming along then, albeit a good deal slower than you might like.

    As I said before, I'm sure it will heal completely eventually. The process you describe is similar to mine just over a longer period. It's a bloody pain and the way you broke it was horribly unfair, but keep reaching for that rainbow of a fully workable finger. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.