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The life and mind of Takashi Morinosuka

54 Smoothed Out Sloppy Hours (Continued)

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I woke up this morning around 7 and started watching the news and was freezing because it was 39*F. David and Liz wake up alittle while later and start making breakfast. Baccon, with potatos and eggs all fried in the same pan.) Yay baccon gress. Dan and Kat showed up and ate with us.

We roll out the door around 9:15 and catch "The Best of Bubba." on 102.5 and get there around 10:30 because traffic sucked. We get into the park and meet Dan and Kat. They all wanted to go on Manta and because I can't do roller coasters because of my Shunt guess who was left holding cell phones and stuff for 30+ minutes? That's right me!

Once we're done with that we went to go see some of the encounters like the penguins. Then went to go see a Sea Lion/Sea Otter show with a pirate theme. (They cracked some of the worse pirate jokes ever.)
Such as: "You first mate go down to the bunckers and watch that new Avatar movie."
"Is it a DVD sir?"
"No, it's pirated."
And he made a joke about updateing his Facebook. It was mainly for kids but it had it's moments. Everyone goes on another coaster so I hold on to stuff for another 30-40 minutes.

We break for lunch which was really mediocer and cost $10-12 a person. We hit another show, can't remeber the story but it had some cool acrobatics in it and alot of people got wet. (We didn't because we were smart and went up higher.) They go for another ride but this time Kat stays with me and we hit the gift shop and a room that had a glass bottom aquarium. I got my mom a Sea Turtle nickles for Chrismas. The ride took forever because the ride kept shuting down due to equipment failur. Once that was done we hit the Shark encounter were you go in a tunnel that takes you through a sheark tank, which was really cool.

Ok so it's getting late so we hit one more show with who else but SHAMU! if you haven't seen the Shamu Believe show go see it! I was in tears at the end. We grab a soda and Dan wants to go on Manta again so we say goodbye and begin the hour long ride home. David and Liz drop me off and I tell them thanks and that i'll see them for chrismas and go inside and grab a shower.

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