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The life and mind of Takashi Morinosuka

54 Smoothed Out Sloppy Hours (Continued)

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Ok so it's 11:00pm and stuff gets really fun! Dan, Kat, Dan's little sister (can't remeber her name.) and a few friends show up. Some I hadn't met so it was cool. I kept watching Ninja Warrior and then Dan tells me that their going to light up a Hookah and explained to me what it was and my brother said it was ok becuase i'm 18 and that my parents couldn't stop me. I passed because it just didnt' seem interesting. So they take it out on the paddeo (it's maybe 40*F at this point.) I'm wearing my jacket and socks and I get a wif of the smock from the hookah and it smelled great! I asked for the pipe and took a small hit and it was amazing! A few minutes later i'm sitting with Dan's sister with a blankie wrapped around us passing the pipe around talking about random stuff and I must have gotten a nikateen high because I felt great.

1:00am rolls around and the party comes to a close. Everyone goes home, I grab a shower and get on Liz's computer to check emails and ADISC stuff and then I went to bed around 2am.

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