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The life and mind of Takashi Morinosuka

54 Smoothed Out Sloppy Hours

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A few weeks ago I heard from my dad that my brother was going to take me and a few of his friends to Seaworld. It sounded alright, my parents and I were going to go a few years ago but the time never came. So we cut to Saturday it poped into my head "Hey David is taking me to Seaworld tomarrow." and I was like "Cool." but then I stated thinking "A waterpark in December. Yeah it's Florida and we have hot Decembers." but still didn't seem right.

Ok so here's were it starts, apparently we were going to go because Sunday morning my dad says "Get your stuff together, David will be here in 30." and I still thought it was weird but I went along with it and packed my stuff. When him and Liz (his girlfriend) showed up we talked it out and got rid of all the confusing and I went to their place. So we get there and start watching tv and he asked me if I wanted to see Porco Rosso a Hayao Miyazaki film I hadn't seen yet and like all of his movies i've seen was great and if you haven't seen this film I recommend it. So that finishes and David goes to work leaving me and Liz to watching The Simpsons and Ninja Warrior.

11:00pm rolls around and that's when stuff got fun!

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