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AB's, Pizza and Cooper

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Goddamn, This 7 meats pizza if friggin' Delicious. Beef, Ham, Smoked Ham, Bacon, Salami, Pepperoni and Italian Sausage. GAWD!

Anyway, as I've stated before, I really dislike the image associated with the Term "AB". Unfortunately, the image of a slightly obsessed fat balding man in his 40's is the thing that more often then not pops into people's heads when they first hear the term. I mean, let's be honest here.

If you poke around the internet at some other AB sites, well... they're generally all filled with complete psycho's. It's basically just a bunch of fat lonely men sitting around their computers in urine soaked diapers and an erection, petting each other's ego's as they pretend to believe outrageous stories about how they saw an 8 year old kid in a diaper, or that their super hot girlfriend needs a diaper change. I mean, Jesus christ. Are they the Majority? Or are they proof of what can happen when you either take something way too far, or are so addicted to a sexual fetish that it rules your life.

I hope those stories of going out in public with their Dominatrix "mommy" are just that: Stories.

Why do they have to be so freaky for? What's wrong with being like most of us here?

I mean, normal AB's / DL's would go "Hey, these new diapers are awesome! I wet them, etc, they hold lots" and then move onto a discussion about what a kick-ass movie Death Proof was.

The Other AB's would do the same, but when they go to talk about a movie, they can't resist the urge to go "Hay! Who here goes to the movies in a diapr?? I did and it was great!!"

That right there is a problem. It's when you can't switch that thing off is when you'll be labelled weird, and most likely shunned by Most people here, and accepted with wide arms into Deeker.

Was I going somewhere with that? Maybe.

I think Cooper (My new plushie) is toying with me. If I try to sleep with him, whenever I wake up, stuff is wrong. I'd wake up in the middle of the night, and he would have travelled down to my legs and would be sleeping there. another time, I woke up, and he was behind my pillow. I kid you not.

but last night was weird. I woke up, and Humphrey was on the opposite side of me, Cooper was outside of the blankets, sleeping next to the wall, and my Paci was on the floor. o_O That's never happened before.

Are they trying to pull pranks on me?


  1. Point's Avatar
    They aren't flying, Lukie, they're falling!

    I really want a pizza now too... D:
  2. Kraiden's Avatar
    No, Humphrey and Cooper are getting on fine. I'm just paranoid they're having some fun at my expense, and pulling some practical jokes on me.

    I should give both of them a stern talking to about getting up to any weird stuff while I'm asleep.

    I'll update more tomorrow.
  3. quattrus's Avatar
    Grrrr... that THING doesn't deserve the name "pizza"!!

    Come to Italy if you want to taste the "real" one!
  4. Lexa's Avatar
    Hiya Kraiden,
    I think you may need to give Humphey and Cooper more than a talking to....they are laughing behind your back dear.
  5. Kraiden's Avatar
    I think so too. >_> - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.