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Green Day: Rock Band

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It was revealsed on tongihts Spike TV video game awards 2009 that Green Day is getting a rock band next year. Personally I'd reather see them get a Guitar Hero but i'll get this game nonetheless.


  1. Badger's Avatar
    I'd much prefer that they just release a large song pack for existing Rock Band games, instead. Sure, with an entire game, they can create in-game characters that look like the guys themselves, but I don't want to have to keep switching discs while playing with friends round - we want all songs on one game.

    And at the moment, I prefer Guitar Hero's 5 features, but still spend most of my time on Rock Band 2 because of the massive song library (helped by being able to import songs from RB1 and Lego RB) which GH really doesn't have :/

    Edit: Green Day: Rock Band - Official Details - Rock Band Forums says that GD:RB will have a song export feature, so that you can export all of the songs to RB1/RB2, so most of what I say above is irrelevant I should have known, really: this is Harmonix - of course there'll be song export! <3
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