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I am so bad at spoarts.

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I try so hard to be good at sports but man i just suck at them. I'm a little good at this sport and that sport but never seem to total up to anything when i am on a team. I think that the only reason my team for hockey doesn't say i suck is because they don't want to make me feel bad. I feel like beating my head against a wall after every game. I am an intelligent guy not string but so much i wish i was better at sports than i am.


  1. Point's Avatar
    Man. I kind of know how you feel. I'm pretty good at a lot of things, but when I go after one thing I find I'm just okay at it.

    I guess it just takes lots of work to pursue and become good at what you love! If you really want to get better at hockey, or any other sport for that matter, you need to take the time at home or at an ice rink to practice. I've been told I'm a good clarinet player but until I actually take the time to practice it every day I'll never become as good as I want to be.

    I play volleyball, and as my coach said to us, "It's the people who have natural ability who get all the oohs and ahhs, but it's the guy who's pretty good but perseveres who earns all the respect".
  2. baconbit's Avatar
    Thing with me is i can't practice much. I play floor hockey but can not find flat land. I do plan on trying ice but i need to get good first. The main thing though with me is i am more smart than strong. I get what you say. My chorus teacher and several other people think i can sing good.(not choir music but like real music like rock and stuff) But i think i suck at singing.
  3. LinusBlueSnow's Avatar
    I agree with peachy, for one thing sports aren't everything, you're not going to make money doing it. Do it because you enjoy it. If you stick with anything long enough you'll get better at it over time. So be patient, it'll come with time, you just have to keep practicing. Be more confident, don't put yourself down so much and stop beating yourself up. If people are tellling you they think you are good take it, don't question it. The most important thing is to have fun. If you enjoy singing and hockey, then keep doing it. You're a smart guy, keep practicing, be patient, confident, and use your head. Think of ways to apply what you do, try to pass more or use your head to fake the guy out. I'm not a hockey player but I know that if you enjoy something a lot and keep practicing and are confident, you'll get better at it and you'll enjoy it more. As long as you can hold your own and stand your ground, that's all that matters. The most important thing though is to have fun and stop beating yourself up, just relax.
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