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I don't hate Mondays

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Over the weekend I broke my headphones. I wasn't best pleased as they were pretty good and I enjoyed the quality they gave me for the price I paid. So I bought some super Glue today to fix the problem. That brought on more issues though.

I prepared my desk and set up the headphones into a good position, so they can hold itself together as the glue dries. As I got the super glue out, I failed to realise, after slowly but surely applying pressure to the tube to get the glue out, nothing was coming out. I unscrewed the nozel, to see the foil covering the exit was. After thinking to myself "becareful, might of caused the pressure to make it leak everywhere", so I did it above some scrap paper I didn't mind getting messy.

So I pierced the foil with the pointy end of lid. and Squirt. Super glue flying 1 feet across the table onto my left hand. Drenching it in 2-3ml of super glue. I put the glue down on the paper, quickly inspected my hand to ensure it wasn't attached to anything or itself. Then dashed it to the sink. I washed it with water and it got rid of 50% of what was there as it hadn't a chance to dry. I spent the next 20 minutes cleaning that hand with hot soap and water to no avail.

So after I dryed my hands and realised the state it was in. my thumb, index and middle finger were badly covered. So I went on the internet and googled "how to remove super glue on skin". Answer Acetone! But I had non lying around. So I improvised, hoping the solvents in my Permant marker I had near would help. After 20 mins of colouring myself in and washing, it was having no effect. No I was looking like a special needs Smurf with messed up hands.

A trip to the local super market was in order to get some nail varnish remover with acetone in it. I managed to get it, along with 6 with of groceries I didn't plan to spend. Being Freezer bags, small Apple Pies, Suasage rolls, Tin foil, reduced clearance bread and other things.

So I got home, and spent the net hour or so dipping each finger in a small pool of the varnish remover, till it stang. In the sore areas of the skin I've already rubbed too hard, or attempted to peel off the glue.
Anyway, it took its time, but I could see results of it slowely but surely dissapearing or at least thinning.

Eventually, it weakened it, so I could scratch it off painlessly, and not irritating my skin too much underneath. It wasn't nice. But I got a good 90% done. I was tired and Hungery. I hadn't had dinner and it was 8PM at this point.

So I just bought 4 bouquets for like 20p. I'd eat them overwise they'll go hard tomorrow morning. I ate one as it is. One I thought I'd make into a sandwich. I cut it in half, And applied some jam on both sides. Once, that was complete, I got out some chocolate spinkle things. The stuff you get on ice cream and cakes. Except it was on Jam. This was an Epic sandwich, and I liked it.

This was furthered spoiled as I washed my hands from the varnish, however, when I went to lick my thumb as jam fell on it, I didn't taste jam, just some solvent like stuff. Not I impaired my tasting judgement. Now I can't totally appreciate the Great sensation of my freshly made Jam and chocolate sandwich.

Oh well, it was good, but could of been better. After that I cut the other one, toasted it. and Melted some cheese on it. That was pretty nice too. But would of ideally like a proper meal, but was too tired and running out of time.

Well, my fingers are in typing condition. So I thought I'd blog my wasted evening.

Something interesting happened during the day, I was with my uni friends between lectures, they were busy reading their news papers, while I got out my netbook and played a MP3 on my desktop. I was about a minute or so into it before you heard any lyrics. All the while my friends were commenting "I've heard of this,rings a bell, but I can't name it", as they intensely listened to it for a minute all trying to guess what it was. Then the lyrics came up "you spin me right round". At which point all their faces of concentration turned into disgust and dissapointment. They were aware a few months ago I had this song on my machine, this was a reminder :P.


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    That was...strangely enthralling.
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