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10 Ways To Destory The Earth

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10. Planitary Colition
-Hit by Mars: Destory life but planet servivse
-Hit by Venus: Destory both planets and creates desert planet double the size of the origonal.

9. The Big Freeze
-At Mars: Average temps from -30 to 15*F
-At Neptune: Average temp. -350 crops die only 1/3 of Earth's populattion lives underground.

8. The Big Burn
-At Venus: All life dies
-At Mercury: Only the Core remains

7. Stop the Spin
If the Earth was to suddenly stop spinning 1,000 mile winds rush across Earth's serface and the planet is redused to only having Summer and Winter. Day for 6 months with burning hot temps and Night for 6 months with freezing cold temps.

6. Torn Between Two Black Holes
Earth's crust breaks up and tides rise and life is destoryed by X-Ray energy. The Black Holes will continue to pull at the Earth at both ends with Earth getting thiner and thiner; just like if you were to roll silly puddy into a ball and then roll that ball until it was no longer a sphere but a sillender getting thiner and thiner. Eventually it breaks and both ends are sucked into the Black Holes.

5. Devowerd Within
A Black Hole is placed at Earth's core. Gravity would double. Earthquakes would occur. Volcanos would erupt then the Earth colapese in on itself.

4. Turn Off The Gravity
-Planes never land
-Trees uproot themselfs
-Planet's crust comes apart
-Humans float up and suficate in the atmosphere.

3. Anti-Mater Aniolation
-1 pound anti-mater + 1 pound of mater =
40 Mega tons of force
-100 million tons to destory Earth.
-This could work using the energy from sun spots but would take 100s of 1,000s of years.

2. Transformed By Strange Matter
Everything turns into soup.

1. Parallel Worlds Colide
Imagine our universe as a piece of paper and another universe as another peice of pater. If they touch Big Bang and a new universe is created.

Interesting theory to explain the Big Bang.


  1. Error404's Avatar
    1: Burn the books.
    2: Remove everyones' tongues.
    3: Kill anyone who can write.
    4: Stop teaching people to write.
    5: Destroy any written remainders of tales and fables.
    6: Deny children their bedtime fix.
    7: Tell your kids the 3 little pigs and little red riding hood don't exist like Santa.
    8: Make a virus that eats lead and ink.
    9: Make a COMPUTER virus that destroys any online texts comprising a complex work.
    10: Nukes. Lots of nukes.

    If that doesn't DESTORY the world, nothing will.

  2. Neonite's Avatar
    1: Get Scribblenauts.
    2: Type in "Apocalypse."
    3: Interact, wait a couple seconds.
    4: ???
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