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The Death Of World Wrestling Entertainment

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I became a wrestling fan back in 2002 when my brother moved in with us. Didn't really like it at first but within 6 months I loved it. Loved the characters, storylines and gimics. This continued over the years and I even wrote a few stroylines myself.

I beleive that everything started to go down at Survivor Series 2007. Edge made his return from a torn pectoral muscle interfearing in the Smackdown main event Batista v. The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match dressed as a camera man, beating up Undertaker giving Batista the win. On the fallowing Smackdown Edge and Vickie Guerrero (the general manager at the time) came out telling people that Edge was going to give up on his career but he met Vickie and she gave him the courage to go to rehab and get back in the ring. Now that's all well and good but as the story pogressed they were doing some stuff that I feel would have really pissed off Eddie (Vickie's late husband.) Eventually they got "married" and so La Familia was born with Vickie, Edge, Chavo, Curt Hawkens and Zack Ryder. This relationship lasted until June 8, 2009 when Vickie said she was fet up with the fans giving her crap. Edge admited that he was using her to get to the World Heavyweight Championship and therefore wanted a devorce. So all together this story went for almost 18 months, way to long!

Another example is WWE using Randy Orton, Triple H and John Cena so much in the WWE Championship picture. For months the main events at Pay-Per-Views for that title have had Orton, Triple H and Cena in some way, part of this was due to Shawn Micheals wanting time off after Wrestlemania XXV to spend time with his kids.

One of the big reasons why they are failing is their new focus on kids. In resent months WWE has gone down from a traditional TV-14 rating to TV-PG, for more "family friendly" television. They did this hoping to gain more viewers but it is that same idea that is going to have them loose viewers. Because of the rating change they have had to tone down their storylines and thus stories gone boring and repeditive real fast.

I belive WWE is also becoming very aragent trying to astablish themselfs to a bigger fan base they cooked up a story were Raw was "sold" to Donald Trump. This was interesting but short lived as Vince bought it back a week later because WWE's stock fell. The one episode that Trump was in charge was interesting because for the first time in the shows 17 year history the show was commercial free. While that was nice the show itself was alittle annoying because the show was renamed "Trump Raw" just to show he has a bigger ego then Vince. On "Trump Raw" Trump said that he was geting rid of General Managers and replacing them with celebrity geusts hosts and that is continueing to this day. Some shows it's good and some shows suck out loud.

Raw Guest Hosts so far:
Batista (injuried)
"The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase
Seth Green
ZZ Top
Shaquille O’Neal
Jeremy Piven (This was the worst episdoe of Raw ever! I ended up changing the channel within 5 minutes.)
Sergeant Slaughter
Freddie Prinze Jr.
Dusty Rhodes.

Bob Barker is set to host tomarrow nights Raw.

At first I thought this would just be a summer thing but there is talk about having this continue until Survivor Series on November 22 or as far as Wrestlemania XXVI on March 28, 2010. Ironialy this series of shows has prodused some of the worst ratings in Raw's history.



  1. Siege89's Avatar
    it died a long time ago. I stoped atching it in like 2000
  2. Dream's Avatar
    Watch ECW and Smackdown instead. Raw been dead for a while now.
  3. NoSoup4U's Avatar
    Smackdown is frickin amazing right now
  4. MrMcAwesome's Avatar
    while i agree with you wwe is dying a slow death i think you are focusing on th wrong things.

    The vickie guerrero angle i felt was great because it lasted so long, alot of angles get swept under the carpet carpet within a few weeks which defies logic. I dont think eddie would have cared to much since he was a wrestler and understood the business.

    In regards to the main events Tripple H is there because hes family so he controls the wwe, Randy Orton is there cos hes frickin awesome and Cena is there because he is the biggest draw. I think what they need to do is let HBK and Tripple H out to stud and invest in there mid card.

    I think lowering the age to tv pg is a great thing. It's wrestling not porn. Wrestling should be Family entertainment.

    I agree with the guest host thing completely, thats just the biggest disgrace going i think

    Now the reason's why i think Raw is sucking right now are as follow's

    They dont invest in the mid and under card. The top guys stay on top, and there is a significant diference between the top guys and the mid carders. They ned to give guys a push and the need to make people credible. Randy orton has been champ for a while and a heal champ at that. now hes gotten his ass handed to him more times then not since wining that belt. A heal should not get beaten up so often let alone a champion let alone a heal champ. that has hurt him beyond measure. And legacy the top tag team exclusive to raw (Because they are the only propper tag team) have no credibility.

    They need to put effort into story lines and matches. Most stories now dont make sense and are not given time to develope and flourish. They dont build to matches its like the match is an after thought.

    they should have less ppv's or brand specific ppv's. at the moment there a ppv like every three weeks. this is rediculous. They expect us to buy a show which we have either seen last month or on raw. this is bad business and i think an insult to the fans.

    So yeah thats why i think raw is sucking. at the moment smackdown is doing good, god bless the different booking staff. As for ECW thats just a bastardised joke of a show. Its development dressed up as a show.

    Bring back the nineties and all is forgive lol oh yeah since my rant on wrestling is over for the time being anyway i may aswell plug a site lol its a great podcast about wrestling you should check it out - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.