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I can be nuts at times, But not Hazelnuts

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Recently, I was volunteering at a camp, and if you volunteer enough, you get free food rather than pay it for yourself. As most of the people were to enjoy the social and party aspects of the camp. Rather than sit behind desks and bars helping and serving people.

Anyway, one day, the people on guard duty needed to be swapped, and Food was about to be surved, so no one was going to take them over just yet. As some one always needs to be at the gate.

So I got asked "Can you eat fast?", knowing that I said yes, pretty much guaranteed I would of gotten food and get served first, so I said yes. Even though I am not a fast eater, I'll just stuff my fast as fast as I can. And the people at the gate were getting hungry themselves.

So I was the 2nd person to be served. It was rice and some new odd sauce with meats on sticks. I had no idea what it was, never asked. I had no time. I promptly ate the stuff wondering what it was, but it was pretty nice. But the sauce was a little odd.

After I got it stuffed down my next promptly walked to the gate with my co-volunteer and replaced the people there. Soon into my shift I noticed my lips swelling, odd I thought. I ignored it at first, but the feeling that I had just been punched on the lip just got bigger and more noticeable.

Given that this happened after I was eaten, it could of been an allergy, after all I do have funny reactions to Hazelnuts. I asked my friend who joined me and my co-volunteer is my lips swollen, he said yes, it was noticable. So it's good to get a confirmation that it's not just something in my head. But bad, that I did react to something.

At the same time my lip was swelling up, so was the mild feeling of wanting to throw up. Not good! I hope this doesn't grow into something to when I do. This is unsual, because I've never been able to digest the allergen of hazelnuts before. As in the past, I could pick it up just by licking or biting the food. It would instantly burn in my mouth. But I'v known, the lucky for me, over time I've reacted less and less. To the point where I didn't notice. I guess hadn't I been rushed or at least tasting something new, I would of paid a little more attention to what I was eating.

If you were alergic to Nuts, Why didn't you say something to some one? Well, it's allot of hassel for something that makes me uncomftable than kills me. Plus the last time I've noted I've eaten nuts was like when I was 14/15. And I saw a doctor about it when I was 16. A little late, but the doc did mention that Kids are incredibly good at avoiding food they didn't like/don't want. I was an very picky eater when I was younger, and I didn't want 90% of the food offered to me. So I guess it wasn't obvious what was happening. When the results did come through, I was borderline of a concern. Combine this with it's getting better over time, I didn't worry too much, and I always avoided anything that had nuts actively added into it.

Luckily It didn't last long, And I'm still not 100% of the cause, but it's a strong likely hood it was the food, after I asked a few people, to confirm it did have nuts. Damn!

I guess I'll be more care-full, after all these years it's good reminder to still be careful what I eat!

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